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D801215 Buckle  
D801209 Customizable ring  
D801220 Buckle  
D801214 Tie clip  
D801221 Belt strap adjuster  
D801213 Hydroponic device  
D800447 Lanyard  
D800722 Wearable device  
D800599 Flowerpot  
D800596 Wearable fitness band  
D800595 Jewelry  
D800601 Tie clip  
D800508 Football-shaped container and base  
D800597 Watch holder for pendant  
D800598 Base for an artificial flower  
D800600 Wall planter  
D800594 Watch bracelet  
D800011 Bracelet  
D800010 Necklace  
D800014 Planter  
D800008 Pendant with chain  
D800009 Necklace  
D800007 Watch strap  
D800013 Planter  
D800012 Article of jewelry  
D799363 Adjustable wire bracelet  
D799367 Combined flag pole, flag and cover  
D799624 Golf flagstick reflector  
D799373 Button cover  
D799366 Gem  
D799369 Buckle  
D799365 Jewelry clasp  
D799370 Female receptacle of buckle  
D799364 Necklace  
D799371 Buckle  
D799372 Roller for webbing  
D799368 Seat belt buckle guard  
D799362 Adaptable bracelet device  
D799361 Bracelet  
D798760 Band  
D798762 Watch strap link  
D798761 Article of jewelry  
D798763 Link for wearable article  
D798766 Ornament  
D798765 Heart shaped embossed easter egg  
D798769 Clothing article  
D798764 Link for wearable article  
D798767 Door banner  
D798768 Twirling device  
D798185 Ring