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D780623 Slider cover for a slide fastener  
D780616 Ring  
D780622 Zipper head  
D780619 Pendant  
D780625 Fastener tape  
D780617 Ring  
D780620 Pendant  
D780614 Ring  
D780613 Combined bracelet and disposable fluid cartridge  
D780048 Charm  
D780012 Ring  
D780045 Jewelry item  
D780039 Earring  
D780033 Jewelry item  
D779994 Camera bracelet  
D780004 Necklace  
D780023 Ring  
D780019 Ring  
D779815 Necklace lanyard  
D780042 Tag  
D780050 Pair of jewelry articles  
D780016 Ring  
D779814 Lanyard  
D780036 Earring  
D780007 Bracelet  
D780060 Zipper tab  
D780057 Ear wire  
D779995 Camera bracelet  
D780047 Charm  
D780043 Charm  
D780061 Clothing accessory  
D780005 Necklace  
D780028 Ring  
D780017 Ring  
D779999 Article of jewelry  
D780059 Band  
D779992 Band  
D780026 Ring  
D779996 Wrist wearable device  
D780009 Bracelet  
D779991 Lanyard  
D780040 Earring  
D780053 Charm  
D780044 Article of jewelry  
D780058 Jewelry setting  
D780021 Ring  
D779993 Band  
D780031 Ring  
D780001 Necklace  
D780046 Article of jewelry