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D789239 Love 100 diamond princess cut  
D789229 Band  
D789233 Wearable ring  
D788634 Baseball embedded in wall  
D788631 Pendant  
D788630 Bracelet  
D788629 Bracelet  
D788627 Wearable device  
D788632 Precious stone  
D788635 Gift bag decoration  
D788636 Flower vase  
D788626 Smartwatch  
D788633 Jewelry setting  
D788637 Sculpture  
D788638 Fabric containment device  
D788628 Bracelet  
D788254 Firearm sling retaining device  
D787980 Jersey-shaped flag including cutouts  
D787971 Ring  
D787976 Barbell cross pendant  
D787981 Watch strap buckle  
D787978 Multi-faceted gemstone  
D787972 Two stone setting  
D787974 Two stone setting with surround  
D787977 Pear shaped l'amour precious stone  
D787973 Two stone setting with offset  
D787979 Jewelry product  
D787925 Clip to suspend eyewear and other articles  
D787975 Ring  
D787367 Decorative scarab novelty  
D787363 Wearable ring  
D787362 Jewelry cuff  
D787364 Necklace clasp  
D787360 Bracelet  
D787366 Decorative scarab novelty  
D787365 Decoration for an artificial tree  
D787361 Watch strap  
D787370 Pull tab for zipper  
D787368 Fluid collection stand  
D787369 Event flag  
D786734 Flamingo novelty  
D786731 Jewelry ring  
D786735 Belt adjusting device  
D786886 Wearable device  
D786733 Precious stone  
D786730 Jewelry ring  
D786732 Jewelry ring  
D786115 Bracelet  
D786119 Ring with near field communication (NFC) technology  
D786116 Bracelet