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D780008 Necklace  
D780002 Necklace  
D779360 Pendant with chain  
D779368 Tulip ring  
D779373 Zipper pin and box assembly  
D779369 Pendant  
D779362 Bracelet  
D779363 Bracelet  
D779166 Jeans with jewelry hoop on hem  
D779371 Gemstone setting  
D779372 Planter  
D779366 Two-sided ring  
D779367 Four-sided ring  
D779358 Flashing silicone bracelet  
D779374 End stop for a slide fastener  
D779365 Ring  
D779356 Watch band  
D779370 Jewelry design  
D779355 Rope formed by interlocking stitches for use in jewelry, clothing, accessories, or applied to the surface of articles of manufacture  
D779364 Watch bracelet  
D779357 Band for an electronic device  
D779193 Wrist strap  
D779359 Bracelet  
D779361 Necklace  
D779348 Device for recording physical exercise  
D779110 Lamp  
D778774 Dragonfly novelty  
D778767 Chain  
D778772 Songbird novelty with tufted head feathers  
D778761 Jewelry item  
D778764 Spider finger ring  
D778781 Slider for a slide fastener  
D778780 Slider for slide fastener  
D778759 Bracelet  
D778776 Rooster novelty  
D778773 Hummingbird novelty  
D778771 Wind operated Christmas display  
D778765 Ring  
D778762 Bracelet  
D778777 Magnet center push buckle  
D778766 Clip  
D778763 Bracelet  
D778760 Bracelet  
D778775 Songbird novelty  
D778779 Buckle  
D778768 Segment of wearable device having flexible display panel  
D778769 Segment of wearable device having flexible display panel  
D778770 Segment of wearable device having flexible display panel  
D778778 Buckle  
D778205 Stand-alone button assembly