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D783445 Pendant  
D782934 Earring  
D782360 Well head cover  
D782363 Buckle and component thereof  
D782364 Belt buckle  
D782359 Breastfeeding badge of honor  
D782362 Buckle  
D782475 Activity tracker band  
D782356 Bracelet  
D782358 Band  
D782357 Charm  
D782361 Three tier planter  
D781744 Web adjuster  
D781740 Charm  
D781741 Shell casing jewelry article  
D782130 Pet collar buckle  
D781850 Wearable computer  
D781851 Wearable computer  
D781743 Lighted display base  
D781739 Earring  
D781742 Slider for article of jewelry  
D781745 Webbing buckle  
D781175 Fastener  
D781178 Interchangeable button assembly  
D781174 Ring  
D781171 Band  
D781164 Device for recording physical exercise  
D781172 Article of jewelry  
D781176 Garment closure  
D781177 Pull tab of a slide for slide fastener  
D781173 Ring  
D780621 Zipper pull  
D780624 End stop for a slide fastener  
D780618 Ring  
D780615 Wearable ring  
D780623 Slider cover for a slide fastener  
D780616 Ring  
D780622 Zipper head  
D780619 Pendant  
D780625 Fastener tape  
D780617 Ring  
D780620 Pendant  
D780614 Ring  
D780613 Combined bracelet and disposable fluid cartridge  
D780048 Charm  
D780012 Ring  
D780045 Jewelry item  
D780039 Earring  
D780033 Jewelry item  
D779994 Camera bracelet