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D837662 Watch bracelet  
D837674 Band  
D837675 Watch band  
D837082 Band  
D836477 Band  
D836478 Watch band  
D836016 Bracelet  
D834439 Two piece watch band  
D833904 Detachable wrist band  
D831521 Fitness watch strap  
D829123 Wristband strap set  
D827477 Jewelry  
D827478 Wristband  
D826763 Wristband  
D825369 Bracelet  
D824274 Bracelet  
D824273 Band  
D822525 Band  
D822526 Wristband for fitness monitoring capsule  
D821908 Necklace  
D821246 Band  
D821248 Novelty wristband  
D821247 Wristband for fitness monitoring capsule  
D821245 Band for a wearable fitness band system  
D820713 Wristband for portable electronic device  
D820140 Watch band  
D818863 Article of jewelry  
D818864 Removable smart watch bracelet  
D817802 Bracelet  
D817801 Wristband  
D817803 Necklace  
D817211 Watch bracelet  
D816535 Bracelet  
D815972 Band  
D814957 Bracelet  
D814328 Watch strap  
D813074 Watch strap  
D811924 Bracelet key ring  
D811923 Fashionable chest placard  
D809954 On-hand attachment band  
D809953 On-hand attachment band  
D809955 Band for a wearable fitness band system  
D809414 Wristband of personal lifestyle monitoring and management device  
D808842 Styloid bracelet  
D808290 Watch strap  
D807219 Wearable fitness band strap set  
D805418 Bangle accessory  
D803086 Watch wristband  
D802452 Bangle accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802465 Two-piece watch strap