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D815972 Band  
D814957 Bracelet  
D814328 Watch strap  
D813074 Watch strap  
D811924 Bracelet key ring  
D811923 Fashionable chest placard  
D809954 On-hand attachment band  
D809953 On-hand attachment band  
D809955 Band for a wearable fitness band system  
D809414 Wristband of personal lifestyle monitoring and management device  
D808842 Styloid bracelet  
D808290 Watch strap  
D807219 Wearable fitness band strap set  
D805418 Bangle accessory  
D803086 Watch wristband  
D802452 Bangle accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802465 Two-piece watch strap  
D802466 Wristband  
D802467 Watch strap  
D802453 Flexible wristband accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D801847 Bracelet  
D800594 Watch bracelet  
D800007 Watch strap  
D799361 Bracelet  
D798760 Band  
D798183 Bracelet  
D796368 Fitness band spine  
D795731 Fitness watch strap  
D795121 Band  
D795120 Fitness watch strap  
D794491 Electronic component necklace  
D794492 Smart watch accessory  
D794490 Fashion strap  
D793270 Fitness watch strap  
D793269 Fitness watch strap  
D793272 Wristband  
D793271 Watch strap  
D792796 Weighted bracelet  
D792795 Watch band  
D791634 Wristband for electronic device  
D791635 Necklace  
D791005 Arm band  
D791004 Arm band  
D790382 Watch band  
D789822 Band  
D789229 Band  
D787360 Bracelet  
D787361 Watch strap  
D786886 Wearable device  
D785482 Watch band