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D869594 Buckle for a rifle sling  
D868626 Buckle  
D868625 Buckle  
D868624 Buckle  
D867924 Belt controller for bags  
D866391 Buckle member for bags  
D864788 Belt loop  
D863101 Belt connector  
D860858 Belt buckle  
D859208 Buckle  
D858349 Buckle  
D858348 Buckle  
D856845 Buckle  
D856189 Suspender strap buckle with tool dock  
D854815 Holder for sledgehammer  
D850977 Portion of a buckle  
D848900 D-ring  
D847016 Instrument strap holder  
D843887 D-ring  
D840869 Buckle  
D840870 Buckle  
D830227 Buckle  
D830226 Buckle  
D823717 Tension lock buckle  
D822537 Buckle  
D821259 Buckle  
D818392 Belt buckle  
D817809 Pendant  
D817225 Webbing fastener  
D816545 Buckle  
D815982 Belt buckle  
D813089 D-ring  
D811934 Clasp assembly  
D805955 Belt buckle  
D805428 Belt buckle with bottle opener  
D805427 Locking strap design  
D801221 Belt strap adjuster  
D799372 Roller for webbing  
D786735 Belt adjusting device  
D782364 Belt buckle  
D781745 Webbing buckle  
D757376 Harness and leash adapter  
D752480 Adjust clip buckle  
D750530 Chin strap buckle sleeve  
D750850 Pet collar ring  
D750851 Dog harness  
D748531 Ultra metal ring  
D748013 D-ring  
D743842 Clip for respiratory mask or positive airway pressure (PAP) delivery device  
D741746 Bezel for armband pocket