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D833315 Dial with hands  
D833308 Hand-held diagnostic tool  
D833311 Wireless contact transmitter  
D833313 Wireless entrance communication device  
D833317 Dial with hands  
D833307 Foot scanner  
D833312 Emergency alert light  
D833303 Electronic tap control box  
D833320 Dial  
D833319 Dial  
D833310 Lens cover for liquid level gauge  
D833316 Dial with hands  
D833318 Dial  
D833306 Element for adhesive thermometer  
D833314 Dial  
D833304 Wireless environment monitor  
D833501 Opera glasses with watch  
D833305 Adhesive thermometer  
D833309 Wheel balance weight  
D833302 Wristwatch  
D832731 Watch dial  
D832730 Lighthead  
D832722 Thermostat  
D832726 Gimbal  
D832721 Watch  
D832724 Position monitoring appliance  
D833030 Cartridge body for solid-phase extraction  
D832838 Network security appliance  
D832732 Watch band attachment  
D832725 Handheld spectroscopy analyzer  
D832727 Sensor protective hood  
D832729 Forklift carriage tracking light  
D832728 Product security device  
D832720 Wristwatch  
D832723 Tile spacer  
D832122 Measuring tape  
D832124 Sensor module for liquid level gauge  
D832119 Temperature-humidity sensor  
D832120 Storm glass  
D832118 Remote control for water heater  
D832063 Electronic cooking fork  
D832125 LED light bar  
D832121 Interchangeable thermostat cover  
D832123 Flow meter  
D831824 Peak flow meter  
D831514 Detector  
D831517 Measuring wheel  
D831746 Digital signage  
D831512 Thermometer holder  
D831511 Water analysis apparatus