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D840252 Color temperature sensor  
D840255 Eluent plate for a suppressor  
D840251 Temperature-humidity sensor  
D840253 Foldable foot measuring device  
D840250 Watch  
D840256 Safety marking strips  
D840259 Watch dial  
D840258 Doorbell  
D840254 Wearable apparatus for personal intuition based cognitive assistant  
D840257 Guardrail reflector  
D839753 Watch with display  
D839755 Air quality monitor  
D840043 Intelligent health wristband  
D839762 Dial  
D839754 Sensor system device  
D839761 Door access mechanism  
D839760 Current clamp  
D839758 Laser tape measure  
D839756 Temperature measurement control device  
D839759 Digital micrometer  
D839757 Temperature measuring device  
D839111 Sensor  
D839119 Signal warning and displaying lamp  
D839113 Fault diagnosis apparatus for vehicle (KW590)  
D839106 Watch  
D839112 Fault diagnosis apparatus for vehicle (KW580)  
D839115 Front panel for electronic equipment  
D839105 Wrist watch  
D839109 Housing for a sensor arrangement  
D839116 Spectrometer  
D839114 Fault diagnosis apparatus for vehicle (KW680)  
D839104 Watch  
D839117 Spectrometer  
D839110 Tape measure  
D839108 Portable electronic measurement device  
D839107 Timer  
D839118 Gas flow indicator device  
D838608 Watch  
D838613 Diagnostic analyzer  
D838607 Watch  
D838614 Measuring apparatus  
D838855 Biosensor  
D838616 Measuring apparatus  
D838612 Fault diagnosis apparatus for vehicle (KONNWEI/KW828)  
D838923 Training mat controller  
D838611 Fault diagnosis apparatus for vehicle (KW850)  
D838617 Bill discriminator  
D838854 Biosensor in a holder  
D838610 Tool for placement of markings  
D838618 Face recognition machine