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D776551 Probe pin  
D776553 Vehicle warning sign  
D776550 Wrist watch  
D776764 Strap for watch-shaped toy  
D776549 Clock  
D776552 Probe pin  
D776554 Whistle  
D775974 Pusher and measuring cup  
D775989 Illuminatable signage device  
D776314 Light bar  
D775981 Activity tracker pendant  
D775991 Robot confinement beacon  
D775985 Activity tracker clasp  
D775973 Wrist watch case  
D775979 Sensor device  
D775978 Sensor device  
D775970 Dial  
D775987 Egg cover  
D775992 Watch dial  
D775975 Control device  
D775986 Sensor control interface  
D775984 Probe pin  
D775972 Dial  
D775977 Moisture analyzer  
D775980 Sensor device  
D775988 Beacon  
D775971 Dial  
D775990 Robot confinement beacon  
D775969 Watch  
D775983 Handle for electrical measuring instrument  
D775982 Main body for a data logger  
D775976 Control device  
D775537 Sensor cover  
D775538 Electronic device  
D775540 Measuring instrument  
D775539 Handle for electrical measuring instrument  
D775542 Sensor module  
D775541 Fuel oil level sensor  
D775533 Dial  
D775535 Watch case with band  
D775534 Clip mount for a watch  
D775536 PITOT probe  
D774928 Caliper  
D774931 Expansion device for energy meter  
D774937 Elevator control panel with graphical user interface  
D774929 Weighing scale  
D774926 Time-measuring instrument  
D774924 Watchcase  
D775034 Gauge  
D774934 Security attachment