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D779351 Speedometer for a bicycle  
D779353 Solar road stud  
D779342 Watch  
D779349 Laser range finder  
D779432 Sensor and connector  
D779343 Timer  
D779341 Triple display alarm clock  
D779347 Light enabled tracking device  
D779352 Apparatus for testing smoke detectors  
D779354 Stick bar light  
D779350 Digital multimeter  
D779344 Tube light aging equipment  
D779345 Backplate for HVAC control device  
D779346 Guiding tool for sewing machine  
D779348 Device for recording physical exercise  
D778737 Watch  
D778740 Fluid temperature regulator  
D778742 Protector tube for thermocouple  
D778755 Wireless doorbell control device  
D778738 Timer  
D779131 Reflective strip  
D778751 Foldable safety barricade  
D778669 Water container  
D778752 Electronic traffic safety/guidance flare  
D778748 Weight scale apparatus  
D779133 Reflective strip  
D778736 Dial  
D778757 Watch dial  
D778750 Asset tracking device  
D778754 Wireless doorbell receiver  
D778743 Vehicle gauge  
D778758 Watch dial  
D779132 Reflective strip  
D778756 Notification horn  
D778744 Automotive system calibrating apparatus  
D778745 Optical measuring theodolite using light wave  
D778906 Data processing and transmission device  
D778746 Sports sensor  
D778753 Electronic traffic safety/guidance flare  
D778741 Protector tube for thermocouple  
D778749 Grounding conductor  
D778739 Security base for a parking ticket validator  
D778747 Sport measuring instrument  
D778184 Curved sensor cover  
D778177 Dial  
D778179 Controller for valves  
D778197 Dial  
D778209 Display apparatus  
D778183 Automotive system calibrating apparatus  
D778189 Sensor assembly