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D828816 Building automation device  
D828772 Hands free indoor station  
D828773 Bezel ring with pin  
D828862 Borescope  
D828771 Military ruler  
D828965 Bark control  
D828770 Magnetism detecting sensor  
D828206 Oscillating mass  
D828184 Clock  
D828203 Watch dial  
D828576 Column  
D828197 Measuring apparatus  
D828192 Apparatus for breath analysis  
D828190 Probe  
D828198 Tear-drop shaped tag for use in a wireless tracking system  
D828199 Lighthead  
D828188 Multi-functional pressure reduced triangular gyroscope  
D828195 Measuring apparatus  
D828185 Watch case  
D828186 Wetness sensor  
D828189 Wearable monitor housing  
D828183 Table clock  
D828202 Watch  
D828187 Laser tracker device  
D828193 Apparatus for breath analysis  
D828196 Measuring apparatus  
D828191 Probe  
D828194 Apparatus for breath analysis  
D828201 Doorbell equipped with camera  
D828200 Camera equipped network door station  
D828205 Dial  
D828204 Watch dial  
D827898 Electronic torch  
D827464 Auto diagnostic scanner  
D827460 Adjustable square  
D827471 Elevator control panel  
D827459 Probe for remote coordinate measuring machine  
D827476 Oscillating mass for a watch  
D827468 Vibration and temperature measuring device  
D827461 Laser alignment guide  
D827473 Sand clepsydra  
D827585 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D827462 Optical motion detector  
D827457 Thermometer  
D827463 Surface ornamentation for a scale  
D827453 Pocket watch  
D827831 Health monitoring wrist wearable  
D827455 Controller  
D827469 Measuring apparatus  
D827467 Translucent mouthpiece for a breath analysis apparatus