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D788614 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D787960 Wearable device  
D787958 Bar tool  
D788336 Vehicle indicator lamp  
D787965 Weight measuring instrument  
D787957 Measuring scoop  
D787966 Weight measuring instrument with cover  
D788201 Borescope  
D787954 Wearable device  
D787961 Measurement data collector  
D787964 Brush for a multi-parameter sonde  
D787968 Traffic warning device  
D787969 Warning sign  
D787962 Sensor for a multi-parameter sonde  
D787955 Timer  
D787956 Measuring cup  
D787963 Base for a multi-parameter sonde  
D787953 Dial  
D788061 Wireless entrance communication device  
D787967 Sensor cap  
D787970 Pair of emergency vehicle signal devices  
D787959 Measuring instrument  
D787866 Console pedestal  
D787353 Electric meter  
D787358 Light bar  
D787354 Monitoring station  
D787683 Cover for a probe  
D787346 Body mass index meter with detachable bin  
D787352 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D787355 Measuring apparatus  
D787343 Wearable cooking timer  
D787347 Tape measure  
D787350 Digital multimeter enclosure  
D787344 Watch  
D787357 Security attachment  
D787351 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D787348 Signaling and measuring instrument  
D787349 Tester  
D787359 Doorbell  
D787345 Light wave optical measuring theodolite  
D787356 Water quality testing card  
D786717 Geodetic instrument  
D786727 Tidal clock  
D786713 Temperature display device  
D786709 Closed-system fluid measuring and dispensing device  
D786710 Temperature display device  
D786711 Temperature display device  
D786725 Alarm housing  
D786715 Temperature display device support  
D786714 Temperature display device