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D816321 Quilting tool  
D816527 Wearable personal identification device  
D816529 Watch dial  
D816525 Pressure sensitive sensor  
D815970 Wearable personal identification device  
D815968 Wearable personal identification device  
D815963 Human detection sensor  
D815966 Counterfeit currency detector  
D815965 Pressure detector  
D815964 Pressure detector  
D815961 Watch case  
D815967 Wearable personal identification device  
D815969 Wearable personal identification device  
D815962 Air quality indicator  
D815971 Watch face  
D815547 Watch  
D815549 Picture hanging tool  
D815625 Housing for electronic communication devices  
D815548 Watch case  
D815550 Position sensor  
D815551 Personal emergency alerting device  
D815552 Channel marker  
D814947 Watch  
D814943 Watch  
D814945 Watch case  
D814942 Timepiece  
D815134 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface  
D815372 Handheld transmitter for a pet trainer  
D815057 Clock radio  
D814951 Perpetual measurement chamber  
D814944 Watch with stone inserts  
D814952 Pendent personal emergency alerting device  
D814949 Sensor device  
D814946 Watch  
D814950 Laser parking guide  
D814955 Fire alarm  
D814901 Drilling guide accessory  
D814956 Detector for home automation devices  
D814948 Timer  
D814953 Remote monitoring device  
D814954 Fire alarm  
D814324 Force measurement device  
D814669 Emergency light strap  
D814326 Signal device  
D814325 Flow cell  
D814320 Signal requesting device  
D814323 Wireless sensor device  
D814327 Fire alarm  
D814318 Watch  
D814319 Wrist watch