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D809947 Locating and tracking device  
D809410 Flow cytometer sorter chassis  
D809408 Modular component for a collector device  
D809405 Watch  
D809411 Attachment piece for time-sensitive articles  
D809502 Electronic device  
D809413 Watch face  
D809407 Humidity wall control  
D809406 Setting unit for pressure sensor with display  
D809412 Signalling apparatus and device  
D809409 Breath alcohol content analyzer  
D808841 Dial  
D808829 Personal navigation device  
D809144 Intelligent heart rate monitor ring  
D808825 Watch  
D808833 Testing apparatus  
D808838 Anti-theft package alarm  
D808839 Compact signal device  
D808835 Accessory for weighing instrument  
D808837 Electronic power meter  
D808830 Portable navigation device  
D808840 Dial  
D808836 Sensor device  
D808834 Tire gauge  
D808831 Mounting apparatus for a portable electronic device  
D808827 Measuring container  
D808828 Temperature controller  
D808826 Adjustable sensor clip  
D808832 Measurement system with controller and sensor head  
D808289 Clip type portable RF beacon transmitter  
D808284 Countdown timer  
D808285 Measuring instrument  
D808389 Device for network security and management  
D808286 Cross level  
D808287 Smart body fat scale  
D808386 Wearable information terminal  
D808288 Smart body fat scale  
D807766 Physiological monitoring apparatus worn on the wrist  
D807777 Receptacle insert for a wearable fitness band system  
D807764 NPT/UN thread identification kit  
D807768 Stop sign with subject's hands in a stop position  
D807769 Dial  
D807762 Watch  
D807772 Clock  
D807771 Dial  
D807767 Personal alarm  
D807765 Wearable device  
D807763 Control device  
D807770 Watch dial  
D807206 Container for dosimeter