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D795089 Watch case  
D795085 Watch  
D795113 Alarm light  
D795102 Thermometer  
D795099 Thermometer sensor element  
D795096 Thermometer  
D795116 Dial  
D795103 Thermometer  
D795090 Controller housing  
D795118 Watch dial  
D795109 Vibratory alert device  
D795115 Door chime  
D795100 Thermometer  
D795119 Dial  
D795088 Watch  
D795092 Climate sensor  
D794478 Wall mountable connector  
D794482 Tabletop measuring instrument  
D794484 Electric power meter  
D794489 Dial  
D794479 Digital caliper with large display  
D794632 Watch body  
D794483 Force gauge  
D794476 Watch  
D794477 Pipe inspection camera  
D794631 Watch body  
D794486 Wall mount notification strobe  
D794485 Ceiling mount LED notification strobe  
D794714 Warning sign  
D794480 Probe pin  
D794488 Doorbell  
D794481 Ultra-compact visible spectral sensor case  
D794487 Doorbell  
D793881 Wrist watch  
D793874 Wristwatch  
D793886 Vehicle navigation unit with video disc player  
D793882 Wrist watch  
D793876 Watchcase  
D793872 Watchcase  
D793877 Watchcase  
D793883 Wrist watch  
D793879 Wrist watch  
D793875 Electronic wrist device with band  
D793884 Handheld device  
D794012 Wearable device  
D793888 Control panel  
D793885 Digital speed drum gauge  
D793873 Watchcase  
D793887 Clamp meter  
D793871 Watchcase