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D819477 Bezel  
D819463 Protector tube for thermocouple  
D819464 Bolt sorter  
D819467 Wheel alignment target body  
D819459 Watch  
D818849 Air conditioner controller  
D818851 Water meter  
D818860 Adapter for flow measuring unit  
D818862 Watch dial  
D818861 Can counter  
D818858 Weight measurement scale  
D819122 Dynamic scale for a franking machine  
D818847 Watch  
D818848 Portable radiation detection system  
D818845 Watch  
D818846 Watch  
D818854 Tracking device  
D819039 Mounting device for a wireless integrated circuit chip module  
D819036 Diagnostic test base station  
D818852 Fish finder  
D818855 Fitness tracker device, module and strap  
D818853 Activity monitoring device  
D818850 Protector tube for thermocouple  
D818859 Weight scale  
D818856 Main body for a data logger  
D818857 Handheld maintenance tool  
D818376 Watchcase  
D818380 Measuring tool  
D818385 Electronic tracking device  
D818386 Electronic tracking device  
D818387 Wireless doorbell set  
D818384 Electronic tracking device  
D818381 Rotation detector for a bicycle  
D818383 Load detector for bed  
D818375 Wristwatch  
D818377 Timepiece  
D818382 Load detector for bed  
D818388 Dive watch bezel  
D818379 Thermometer configured to measure the temperature of a BTT terminus  
D818378 Outdoor weather sensor  
D817788 Control device  
D817793 Activity monitoring device  
D817789 Cone and debris screen for a rain gauge  
D817785 Watch  
D817795 Pressure measuring device  
D817794 Pressure gauge housing  
D817790 Measuring card  
D817798 Track foot for a light bar  
D817787 Checking devices, measuring instruments, apparatus and devices  
D817791 Sensor array