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D811254 Water leak detector  
D811250 Digital multimeter  
D811253 Gas pressure regulator  
D811257 Smoke detector cover  
D811256 Smoke detector cover  
D811251 Diagnostic analyzer  
D811241 Watch case  
D811244 Motor sensor housing with embedded current sensor mounts  
D811248 Child height recording device  
D811243 Watch  
D811242 Wristwatch  
D811247 Torpedo level  
D811255 Control base for combination domestic detection device  
D811245 Controller and user interface for a controller  
D811246 Drawing rule  
D811258 Watch  
D810601 Sensor cap  
D810600 Electricity meter for branch for distribution board  
D810595 Chalk reel  
D810739 Wearable device  
D810945 Identification tag for fitness device  
D810593 Portable physiological sensor  
D810588 Wristwatch  
D810589 Airbed pump control panel  
D810597 Level  
D810596 Chalk reel  
D810594 Proximity sensor housing  
D810587 Wristwatch  
D810590 Temperature control device  
D810599 Electricity meter for distribution board  
D810602 Watch dial  
D810591 Thermostat  
D810598 Interactive test probe for battery tester  
D810592 Construction level  
D809948 Pumps  
D809938 Watch case  
D809945 Thermometer  
D809943 Control device  
D809941 Media metering device  
D809950 Converter for flowmeter  
D809944 Environment measurement apparatus with wireless communication device  
D809951 Signal converter  
D809952 Noise maker  
D809949 Converter for flowmeter  
D809940 Watch  
D809937 Clock  
D809946 Measurement device with multiple fixed distances  
D809942 Display screens with user interface  
D809939 Watch  
D809955 Band for a wearable fitness band system