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D817798 Track foot for a light bar  
D817787 Checking devices, measuring instruments, apparatus and devices  
D817791 Sensor array  
D817952 Portable electronic device  
D817792 Motion detector  
D817786 Watch  
D817784 Fitness tracker wrist band  
D818229 Dosage container for adding detergent  
D817799 Clock face  
D817796 Beehive weight controller  
D817797 Weight scale  
D817194 Watch case  
D817196 Card-shaped multi-tool  
D817201 Dial of a compass  
D817188 Watch case  
D817198 Tracking device  
D817197 Activity monitoring device  
D817499 Urea level sensor  
D817210 Dial  
D817207 Doorbell  
D817187 Table top clock  
D817498 Urea level sensor  
D817199 Tracking device  
D817191 Watch  
D817200 Tape measure  
D817208 Doorbell  
D817206 Detector for home automation devices  
D817189 Watch case  
D817205 Optical time-domain reflectometer  
D817497 Urea level sensor  
D817209 Dial  
D817202 Dial of a compass  
D817203 Wearable device  
D817193 Wrist watch  
D817195 Sensor device for measuring environmental conditions  
D817192 Wrist watch  
D817500 Urea level sensor  
D817389 Laser marking device  
D817190 Watch  
D816530 Watch dial  
D816519 Dosing cup  
D816523 Fiber inspection probe  
D816518 Multi-sensor  
D816520 Enclosure for main unit of voltage, current, or temperature sensor  
D816532 Oscillating mass  
D816517 Watch  
D816521 Air sensor  
D816526 Counterfeit currency detector  
D816516 Clock  
D816522 Wearable personal digital device