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D799989 Wrist watch case  
D799986 Watchcase  
D799994 Electronic score keeping device  
D800003 Container for measuring electrical characteristics  
D799354 Signal lamp  
D799343 Watch case  
D799347 Pipe etching device  
D799344 Watch case  
D799348 Growth chart ruler  
D799358 Noisemaker bell  
D799345 Residual stress measuring device  
D799360 Dial with hands  
D799351 Luggage scale  
D799355 LED light pole  
D799356 Bicycle bell  
D799352 Measuring device  
D799350 Tension meter  
D799342 Watch  
D799359 Doorbell  
D799349 Length measuring instrument  
D799353 Electronic locator beacon  
D799357 Wind chime  
D799346 Infrared thermometer  
D798754 Tire pressure equalizer  
D798752 Focal plate for surveying instrument  
D798744 Watch case  
D798750 Pipe etching device  
D798749 Swimming pool thermometer  
D798757 Asset tracking device  
D798756 Smart water meter  
D798742 Watch  
D798758 Backup alarm  
D798743 Watch  
D798755 Flow path members for flow meter  
D798747 Watch  
D798748 Metronome  
D798753 Residual stress measuring device  
D798746 Wrist watch without bracelet  
D798745 Watchcase  
D798759 Dial  
D798751 Pipe etching device  
D798905 Electronic device  
D798741 Watch  
D798169 Measuring instruments, apparatus and devices, checking devices  
D798176 Tool post mounted indicator assembly  
D798177 Audio/Video doorbell  
D798179 Dial  
D798171 Module for use in a test instrument  
D798173 Residual stress measuring device  
D798172 Grading lamp