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D823146 Mobile computing device  
D823152 Light bar  
D823141 Watch  
D823147 Laser range finder with wind sensor  
D823140 Watch  
D823304 Vehicle diagnostic adapter  
D823150 Mountable LED lighting apparatus cover  
D823153 Watch dial  
D823135 Wall clock  
D823149 Corrosion testing machine  
D823139 Watch  
D823137 Watch  
D823143 Combined cap and base of a sensor  
D823151 Light bar  
D823142 Timer  
D823386 Printer  
D823144 Combined cap and base of a sensor  
D823302 Portable wrist wearable device  
D823136 Watchcase  
D822509 Watchcase  
D822836 Wearable smart band  
D822518 Wireless entrance communication device  
D822508 Watchcase  
D822521 Watch dial  
D822522 Watch hand  
D822516 Controller for electronic fence  
D822512 Biological information sensor  
D822519 Wireless entrance communication device  
D822517 Human body detector  
D822515 Mouthpiece for a breath analysis apparatus  
D822510 Watch  
D822514 Portable natural gas moisture analyzer  
D822513 Antenna measurement device  
D822523 Watch hand  
D822507 Watch case  
D822511 Weighing utensil  
D822520 Wireless entrance communication device  
D821901 Spectrometer  
D821891 Watch case  
D821899 Spectrometer  
D821902 Spectrometer  
D821896 Sensor mount  
D821898 Spectrometer  
D821903 Spectrometer  
D821890 Alarm clock  
D821895 Vehicle black box  
D821900 Spectrometer  
D821984 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D821897 Thermostat  
D821905 Watch dial