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D795726 Body fat meter  
D795712 Thermostat  
D795722 Vehicle diagnostic device  
D795717 Pipe etching device  
D795715 Substrate thermometry unit  
D795863 Wrist-worn smartphone  
D795716 Substrate thermometry unit  
D795713 Wearable thermometer having three electric pads  
D795711 Wrist watch case  
D795729 Bezel  
D795719 Fitness monitoring capsule  
D795723 Analysis device  
D795730 Back of watchcase  
D795725 Container for measuring electrical characteristics  
D795720 Surveying instrument  
D795707 Watchcase  
D795728 Door chime  
D795706 Watchcase  
D795112 Vehicle barrier  
D795098 Thermometer  
D795110 Alarm device  
D795095 Thermometer  
D795107 Guide for preparing a building material sample  
D795087 Watch  
D795108 Human body detector  
D795106 Thermometer  
D795117 Watch dial with hands  
D795094 Thermometer  
D795086 Watchcase  
D795111 Handheld dog repeller and trainer  
D795105 Thermometer  
D795091 Remote controller for air-conditioner  
D795093 Thermometer  
D795097 Thermometer  
D795114 Light bar  
D795104 Thermometer  
D795101 Thermometer  
D795089 Watch case  
D795085 Watch  
D795113 Alarm light  
D795102 Thermometer  
D795099 Thermometer sensor element  
D795096 Thermometer  
D795116 Dial  
D795103 Thermometer  
D795090 Controller housing  
D795118 Watch dial  
D795109 Vibratory alert device  
D795115 Door chime  
D795100 Thermometer