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D820955 Regulator  
D820793 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D820956 Regulator  
D820700 Housing for electronics  
D820692 Watch  
D820710 Privacy/security enclosure  
D820703 Folding carbonic acid concentration measuring instrument  
D820707 Doorbell  
D820117 Wrist watch  
D820127 Housing for a test and measurement instrument  
D820116 Watchcase  
D820137 Wireless entrance communication device  
D820125 Garage door monitoring system  
D820123 Portable smart device  
D820128 Voltage tester  
D820139 Dial  
D820136 Doorbell  
D820118 Watch  
D820134 Flowmeter case  
D820132 Electronic scale  
D820129 Front panel for a measurement instrument  
D820124 Wearable sensor ring  
D820120 Texture measuring instrument  
D820126 Garage door monitoring system  
D820130 Analyte detection system  
D820122 Air quality test unit  
D820133 Surface ornamentation for a health and fitness scale  
D820115 Watch case  
D820131 Climate tower  
D820113 Clock  
D820135 Base for holding spectrometer module  
D820223 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D820224 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D820119 Watch  
D820114 Alarm clock  
D820138 Watch dial  
D820121 Temperature controller  
D820238 Sensor housing  
D819465 Wall punch  
D819469 Tracking device  
D819461 Thermometer sensor element  
D819475 Emergency light  
D819458 Wrist watch  
D819460 Smart home device  
D819468 Sensing and tracking device  
D819471 Impedance measurement system component  
D819398 Water container  
D819472 Flowmeter case  
D819470 Housing for biochemical analysis apparatus  
D819473 Flowmeter case