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D790375 Device mount  
D790377 Spectrometer  
D790371 30-60-90 angle square  
D790366 Electronic device  
D790370 45-45-90 angle square  
D790514 Marine radar housing  
D790373 Tracking device  
D790368 Thermometer  
D790380 Doorbell ringer  
D789811 Navigation device  
D789817 Vibration meter  
D789816 Metal hardness test block with alphanumeric grid and circular targets with cross hairs  
D789812 Navigation device  
D789776 Connector  
D789804 Wristwatch  
D789813 Electrical tester  
D789805 Watch  
D789821 Game call assembly  
D789803 Wristwatch  
D789810 Ironing template  
D789815 Reader of an analyte detection system  
D789814 Clamp meter  
D789807 Watch  
D789818 Air brake test manifold  
D789808 Wrist watch  
D789819 Wireless mobile sensor  
D789801 Cat-shaped clock  
D789820 Doorbell  
D789802 Wrist watch  
D789806 Watch  
D789809 Tumor cell thermometer  
D789226 Displacement flow meter  
D789219 Watch  
D789534 Pressure measuring apparatus  
D789227 Watch rivet  
D789225 Probe pin  
D789224 Probe pin  
D789220 Parking kiosk  
D789222 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D789223 Probe pin  
D789221 Monitoring device  
D789218 Dog-shaped clock  
D788831 Borescope  
D788623 pH meter  
D788616 Probe pin  
D788608 Fitness device  
D788602 Sensor device for control of fluid distribution in a watering system  
D788620 Weight measurement device  
D788611 Tape measure  
D788624 Laser emitter/receiver