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D783432 Engine monitoring unit  
D783428 Device for measuring length  
D783426 Surveying instrument  
D783434 Pluggable smoke and heat detector  
D783427 Surveying instrument  
D783422 Temperature sensor  
D783425 Surveying instrument  
D783423 Housing for a wireless sensor device  
D783429 Tape measure  
D783436 Light bar  
D783433 Pluggable smoke and heat detector  
D782923 Watch  
D783056 Control box  
D783055 Control box  
D782928 Sensor mount assembly  
D782930 Sensor mount assembly  
D782926 Biological information sensor  
D782932 Illuminated roadside beacon  
D782931 Sensor mount assembly  
D782927 Breathalyzer  
D782925 Liquid level indicator  
D782929 Sensor mount assembly  
D782933 Light bar  
D782924 Liquid level indicator  
D782338 Watch  
D782346 Electronic device locator  
D782349 Motion sensor  
D782355 Curved whistle  
D782341 Glare tester device  
D782345 External gyroscope  
D782337 Watch  
D782354 Hazardous condition detector  
D782339 Watch  
D782344 Wall-stud finder  
D782353 Sensor with wheels for measuring materials  
D782335 Watch  
D782340 Timer  
D782352 Marine mount  
D782350 Tape measure housing  
D782342 Apparatus for monitoring status of time-sensitive articles associated with tracking devices  
D782351 Bolt-measuring tool  
D782343 Navigation device for a vehicle with audio-video  
D782348 Marine device  
D782336 Watch  
D782248 Whistle glass  
D782347 Marine device  
D781728 Navigation device for a vehicle with audio-video  
D781736 Operating panel  
D781729 Surveying and positioning apparatus  
D781724 Wristwatch case