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D807210 Digital level  
D807214 3D multi function pedometer  
D807203 Kitchen timer  
D807202 Wrist watch  
D807211 Adjustable height gauge for installing electrical box  
D807217 Dial  
D807204 Container for dosimeter  
D806826 Wall mountable remote indicator for a water system  
D806599 Wristband frame for fitness monitoring capsule  
D806582 Watch with display  
D806584 Metal detector  
D806585 Image measuring device  
D806588 Fence pipe plumb level  
D806596 Module for a light bar  
D806587 Salivary flow indicator device  
D806593 Scan tool  
D806586 Image measuring device  
D806592 Scan tool  
D806597 Dial with bee motif  
D806589 Activity tracker  
D806594 Imitation emergency flare  
D806595 Light bar  
D806577 Clock  
D806657 Wireless button  
D806590 Caliper with digital display  
D806581 Watch with display  
D806591 Documenting process calibrator  
D806579 Clock  
D806580 Wrist watch case with band  
D806583 Brooch watch  
D806598 Dial  
D806578 Clock  
D805927 Thermometer  
D805935 Spectrometer  
D805942 Hub and hands of a watch  
D805929 Wearable device  
D805938 Bluetooth (wireless) notifier  
D805940 Sounder for alarm unit  
D805925 Environmental monitoring device  
D805939 Bluetooth (wireless) notifier  
D805926 Medical thermometer  
D805932 Laser range meter  
D805922 Brooch watch  
D805934 Spectrometer  
D805928 Stud layout level  
D805837 Combination measuring cap and pour spout jar lid  
D805941 Door and window sensor  
D805924 Environmental monitoring device  
D805937 Carpet type body fat meter  
D805933 Flow cytometer chassis