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D791625 Mirror image drilling jig  
D791618 Clock  
D791623 Down marker  
D790998 Gas meter  
D790997 Handheld maintenance tool  
D791003 Watch dial  
D790992 Wrist watch  
D791002 Traffic cone  
D790990 Watch stand  
D791188 Wearable device  
D790991 Watch  
D790996 Tracking device  
D790999 Fluid level indicator  
D790994 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule  
D791000 Traffic cone with telescoping flag  
D791001 Traffic cone  
D790993 Door latch jig  
D790369 Thermostat  
D790367 Air quality monitor  
D790381 Watch dial  
D790365 Electronic device  
D790379 Digital dial gauge  
D790374 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule  
D790378 Metal hardness test block with circular targets connected by alphanumeric grid lines  
D790376 Measuring instrument  
D790372 Tracking device  
D790375 Device mount  
D790377 Spectrometer  
D790371 30-60-90 angle square  
D790366 Electronic device  
D790370 45-45-90 angle square  
D790514 Marine radar housing  
D790373 Tracking device  
D790368 Thermometer  
D790380 Doorbell ringer  
D789811 Navigation device  
D789817 Vibration meter  
D789816 Metal hardness test block with alphanumeric grid and circular targets with cross hairs  
D789812 Navigation device  
D789776 Connector  
D789804 Wristwatch  
D789813 Electrical tester  
D789805 Watch  
D789821 Game call assembly  
D789803 Wristwatch  
D789810 Ironing template  
D789815 Reader of an analyte detection system  
D789814 Clamp meter  
D789807 Watch  
D789818 Air brake test manifold