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D781738 Band for wearable device  
D781730 Optical measuring theodolite using light wave  
D781160 Timer  
D781159 Watch case  
D781167 Mechanical heat detector  
D781162 Moisture analyzer  
D781164 Device for recording physical exercise  
D781168 Mechanical heat detector  
D781165 Weight scale  
D781169 Mechanical heat detector  
D781161 Humidity, light and fan control PIR occupancy sensor  
D781166 Sensor element  
D781163 Roof sensor with antennae  
D781170 Mechanical heat detector  
D780611 People counting sensor  
D780610 Double nipple flowstream  
D780609 Hand held scope meter  
D780608 Remote site monitoring station  
D780605 Control hub  
D780603 Digital wildlife feeder timer  
D780602 Athletic timepiece  
D780612 Dial indicator mounting base  
D780606 Protector tube for thermocouple  
D780604 Canning jar hourglass  
D780825 Wireless wearable gimbal  
D780607 Spirit level  
D779978 Personal portable air quality sensor  
D779986 Mini light bar and beacon  
D779977 HVAC control device  
D779983 Pole design for a sediment sampler  
D779985 Light bar  
D779988 Activity monitoring device  
D779979 Framing square  
D779982 Handgun proximity sensor with global positioning system (GPS) tracking  
D779987 Detail of a wrist watch  
D779980 Airborne radar unit  
D779984 Surface mount light  
D779976 Watch  
D779981 Laser range finder  
D779989 Wristband  
D779351 Speedometer for a bicycle  
D779353 Solar road stud  
D779342 Watch  
D779349 Laser range finder  
D779432 Sensor and connector  
D779343 Timer  
D779341 Triple display alarm clock  
D779347 Light enabled tracking device  
D779352 Apparatus for testing smoke detectors  
D779354 Stick bar light