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D786103 Temperature display device support  
D786107 Casing for electronic equipment  
D786096 Control module for personal environmental system  
D786099 Temperature display device support  
D786102 Temperature probe device  
D786109 Emission analysis machine  
D786114 Cone for a river buoy  
D786097 Thermometer  
D786104 Temperature display device support  
D786100 Temperature display device support  
D786108 Browser probe assembly  
D786112 Casing for mountable alarm unit  
D786098 Temperature display device support  
D786113 Casing for mountable alarm unit  
D786140 Bicycle warning sign  
D786110 Alarm housing  
D785478 Blinking pedestrian crosswalk sign  
D785471 Modular timer and cover  
D785718 Watch-shaped toy  
D785473 Motion sensor  
D785476 Tape measure  
D785479 Funeral procession notification light  
D785480 Strap for a watch-shaped toy  
D785469 Combined watchcase with bracelet  
D785477 Pressure detector  
D785470 Watch  
D785474 Surface tool  
D785475 Tape measure  
D785468 Watch  
D785472 Sewing ruler  
D784830 Watch  
D784982 Electronic device for providing travel information  
D784829 Wrist watch case  
D784827 Clock  
D784837 Cover for watch-shaped toy  
D784835 Personal alarm  
D784831 Wearable device  
D784832 External placement indicator  
D784981 Wearable device  
D784828 Clock having trapezoidal profile  
D784826 Clock having multiple docks  
D784836 Strap for a watch-shaped toy  
D784838 Cover for watch-shaped toy  
D784834 Cover for photosensor and electric meter  
D784833 Corrosion test chamber  
D784346 Smart watch  
D784167 Image sensor  
D784176 Clock face  
D784170 Dial gauge inspection machine  
D784169 Waterfowl windsock decoy