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D805410 Vehicle sensor module  
D805406 Watch with display  
D805411 Fence pipe plumb level  
D805408 Spinning wind sock  
D805407 Container for dosimeter  
D805413 Bracelet  
D805409 Optical measurement head for coordinate measurement  
D805701 Dog training transmitter device  
D805618 Regulator for a heating installation  
D805414 Wireless sensor system  
D805412 Laser distance measurer  
D805417 Track for a light bar  
D804971 Locating and tracking tool  
D804969 Jewelry-making disc  
D804978 Emergency light  
D804976 Shelf for water sampling and monitoring station  
D804966 Watchcase  
D804973 Optical power meter  
D804970 Magnetic fence pipe plumb level  
D804967 Watch  
D804968 Watch case  
D804972 Optical time-domain reflectometer  
D804975 Refrigerant maintenance system  
D804977 Monitoring apparatus  
D804910 Mug  
D804974 Optical time-domain reflectometer  
D804333 Tool for measuring an automotive wheel lug pattern  
D804347 Surface mounted piezoelectric sounder  
D804330 Parking meter housing  
D804339 Scan tool  
D804342 Tachograph  
D804346 Taxi cab hailer sign  
D804336 Foot measuring device  
D804340 Water sampling and monitoring station  
D804344 Lightning conductor  
D804334 Wearable fitness monitor  
D804328 Watchcase  
D804335 Activity tracker band  
D804327 Watchcase  
D804624 Regulator for a heating installation  
D804329 Wrist watch  
D804331 Measuring cup  
D804332 Infrared thermometer  
D804343 Infrared grating detector  
D804341 Metering pump  
D804338 Scan tool  
D804345 Security tag  
D804337 Double sided measuring tape  
D803706 Sensor probe housing  
D803703 Wristwatch