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D792253 Probe pin  
D792258 Gas meter  
D792246 Watch  
D792248 Digital outdoor thermometer  
D792259 Fluid level indicator  
D792245 Watch  
D792252 Voltage detector  
D792260 Stand for a sensor  
D792513 Display with font  
D792242 Watch  
D792250 Laser leveling device  
D792255 Probe pin  
D792257 Body composition scale  
D792247 Watch  
D792244 Watchcase with holder  
D791621 Parking meter  
D791631 Shaped light bar  
D791630 Signal indicator lamp  
D791632 Watch  
D791627 Spectrometer  
D791994 Solar pir motion sensor lamp  
D791629 Fluid level indicator  
D791628 Foldable scale  
D791626 Spectrometer  
D791619 Watch  
D791617 Digital signage device  
D791622 Sensor  
D791620 Timer  
D791624 Infrared thermometer  
D791625 Mirror image drilling jig  
D791618 Clock  
D791623 Down marker  
D790998 Gas meter  
D790997 Handheld maintenance tool  
D791003 Watch dial  
D790992 Wrist watch  
D791002 Traffic cone  
D790990 Watch stand  
D791188 Wearable device  
D790991 Watch  
D790996 Tracking device  
D790999 Fluid level indicator  
D790994 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule  
D791000 Traffic cone with telescoping flag  
D791001 Traffic cone  
D790993 Door latch jig  
D790369 Thermostat  
D790367 Air quality monitor  
D790381 Watch dial  
D790365 Electronic device