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D785475 Tape measure  
D785468 Watch  
D785472 Sewing ruler  
D784830 Watch  
D784982 Electronic device for providing travel information  
D784829 Wrist watch case  
D784827 Clock  
D784837 Cover for watch-shaped toy  
D784835 Personal alarm  
D784831 Wearable device  
D784832 External placement indicator  
D784981 Wearable device  
D784828 Clock having trapezoidal profile  
D784826 Clock having multiple docks  
D784836 Strap for a watch-shaped toy  
D784838 Cover for watch-shaped toy  
D784834 Cover for photosensor and electric meter  
D784833 Corrosion test chamber  
D784346 Smart watch  
D784167 Image sensor  
D784176 Clock face  
D784170 Dial gauge inspection machine  
D784169 Waterfowl windsock decoy  
D784175 Floating light signal device and portions thereof  
D784327 Wearable device  
D784174 Sensor stand  
D784168 Temperature control device  
D784165 Clock  
D784166 Watch case  
D784172 Weighing module  
D784345 Smart watch  
D784171 Device for measuring length/height  
D784173 Foot-mountable sensor and feedback device  
D783430 Tape measure  
D783435 Pluggable smoke and heat detector  
D783431 Two way measuring tape  
D783424 Image measuring device  
D783432 Engine monitoring unit  
D783428 Device for measuring length  
D783426 Surveying instrument  
D783434 Pluggable smoke and heat detector  
D783427 Surveying instrument  
D783422 Temperature sensor  
D783425 Surveying instrument  
D783423 Housing for a wireless sensor device  
D783429 Tape measure  
D783436 Light bar  
D783433 Pluggable smoke and heat detector  
D782923 Watch  
D783056 Control box