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D797810 Electronic device  
D797592 Dial  
D797150 Electronic device  
D796973 Torpedo level  
D796971 Metal detector  
D796974 Laser processing system enclosure  
D796979 Spectrophotometer  
D796970 Football tracker board  
D796977 Static electricity measuring instrument  
D796981 Bicycle bell  
D796976 Sensor assembly  
D796978 Socket for electronic device testing apparatus  
D796972 Micro weather sensor  
D796980 Cover of meterological instruments  
D796982 Watch dial  
D796975 Motion sensor  
D796361 Scale  
D796349 Timer cover  
D796350 Measuring instrument  
D796346 Wearable device  
D796354 Turf analysis device  
D796364 Pair of open door/window sensors  
D796356 Module of an electronic personal training device  
D796362 Viscometer  
D796366 Safety wand  
D796358 Biodetection system  
D796348 Watch case  
D796365 Sensor housing for outdoor luminaire  
D796359 Miniature spectrometer case  
D796347 Wrist watch case  
D796367 Acoustic backup alarm capable of dual technology (acoustical and optical) operation  
D796353 Micro weather sensor  
D796351 Temperature control device  
D796357 Fluorometer  
D796352 Thermostat  
D796363 Fitness tracker  
D796360 Housing for a material testing machine  
D796355 Wearable sensor  
D795710 Wrist watch case  
D795724 Micro flow channel chip for a flow cytometer  
D795727 Fluid level indicator  
D795714 Wearable thermometer having three electric pads  
D795709 Camera watch  
D795721 Surveying instrument  
D795708 Watchcase  
D795718 Fitness monitor  
D795726 Body fat meter  
D795712 Thermostat  
D795722 Vehicle diagnostic device  
D795717 Pipe etching device