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D828189 Wearable monitor housing  
D827461 Laser alignment guide  
D827462 Optical motion detector  
D827831 Health monitoring wrist wearable  
D826745 Biometric monitoring device  
D826748 Body fat measuring apparatus  
D826747 Handheld laser distance meter  
D826746 Lidar apparatus  
D826743 Industrial robot calibration apparatus  
D826744 Biometric monitoring device  
D826073 Motion detector  
D826074 Height gauge  
D825355 Vehicle sensor  
D825357 Rear sensor housing  
D825359 Motion detector  
D825358 Motion detector  
D825356 Wearable device  
D824270 Measurement device  
D823920 Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) device  
D823147 Laser range finder with wind sensor  
D822512 Biological information sensor  
D821232 Sensor housing  
D821231 Wearable device  
D820698 Measuring wheel with fixed stand  
D820697 Measuring device  
D820125 Garage door monitoring system  
D820123 Portable smart device  
D820124 Wearable sensor ring  
D820126 Garage door monitoring system  
D819469 Tracking device  
D819468 Sensing and tracking device  
D818854 Tracking device  
D818855 Fitness tracker device, module and strap  
D818853 Activity monitoring device  
D818380 Measuring tool  
D818385 Electronic tracking device  
D818386 Electronic tracking device  
D818384 Electronic tracking device  
D817793 Activity monitoring device  
D817791 Sensor array  
D817792 Motion detector  
D817784 Fitness tracker wrist band  
D817198 Tracking device  
D817197 Activity monitoring device  
D817199 Tracking device  
D816522 Wearable personal digital device  
D815550 Position sensor  
D814950 Laser parking guide  
D814323 Wireless sensor device  
D813695 Wristband with fitness monitoring capsule