Match Document Document Title
D860007 Watch case  
D857528 Watch with display  
D857527 Watchcase  
D856162 Wrist watch  
D856161 Watch  
D854433 Low-profile fitness monitoring capsule  
D853251 Watchcase  
D850945 Wearable device  
D850294 Watchcase  
D848289 Watch  
D848288 Watchcase  
D848287 Wrist watch  
D847663 Watchcase  
D847004 Watchcase  
D847003 Watchcase  
D846747 Fitness device with display  
D843864 Low-profile fitness tracker  
D842722 Fitness device with display  
D842724 Low-profile fitness monitoring capsule  
D842719 Wearable device  
D842740 Wearable device  
D842721 Fitness device with display  
D842720 Wearable device  
D841495 Flexible wristband accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D841171 Intelligent health wristband  
D840254 Wearable apparatus for personal intuition based cognitive assistant  
D840043 Intelligent health wristband  
D839104 Watch  
D838194 Tracking bracelet with fitness monitoring, audio receiver, and GPS receiver  
D835533 Sports bracelet  
D834954 Watchcase  
D828185 Watch case  
D827838 Fitness device with display  
D825352 Watch  
D824785 Watch case  
D823137 Watch  
D822509 Watchcase  
D822836 Wearable smart band  
D822508 Watchcase  
D821893 Watch case  
D821228 Watch case  
D821229 Watch  
D820691 Watch  
D820116 Watchcase  
D820115 Watch case  
D818846 Watch  
D818376 Watchcase  
D817784 Fitness tracker wrist band  
D816522 Wearable personal digital device  
D815548 Watch case