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D853862 Electronic watch  
D853250 Watch  
D852648 Watch  
D850936 Watch case with strap  
D849564 Watch case with strap  
D848865 Watch case with strap  
D848286 Watch case with strap  
D846747 Fitness device with display  
D843852 Watchcase with bracelet  
D843232 Wristwatch  
D843228 Wristwatch  
D837662 Watch bracelet  
D836466 Watch  
D835522 Watch  
D835521 Watch  
D833891 Watch  
D833302 Wristwatch  
D832720 Wristwatch  
D831508 Wrist watch  
D827838 Fitness device with display  
D824033 Measuring instrument for heart rate  
D823853 Portable wrist wearable device  
D823302 Portable wrist wearable device  
D822836 Wearable smart band  
D821227 Watch  
D819458 Wrist watch  
D818845 Watch  
D817785 Watch  
D817784 Fitness tracker wrist band  
D817190 Watch  
D814943 Watch  
D813058 Watch  
D812497 Watch for mounting on a surfboard leash  
D812498 Watchcase with bracelet  
D812051 Portable wrist wearable device  
D811258 Watch  
D804967 Watch  
D800172 Electronic device  
D798905 Electronic device  
D797809 Electronic device  
D797810 Electronic device  
D797150 Electronic device  
D795709 Camera watch  
D795089 Watch case  
D793874 Wristwatch  
D793875 Electronic wrist device with band  
D791188 Wearable device  
D790365 Electronic device  
D790366 Electronic device  
D789804 Wristwatch