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D853861 Wristwatch case  
D851503 Watchcase  
D851504 Watch with display  
D850292 Watch case  
D849563 Watchcase  
D849561 Watch case  
D849562 Watchcase  
D849560 Watch case  
D848863 Watch case  
D848864 Watch with display  
D848284 Watchcase  
D848285 Watchcase  
D847662 Watch case  
D847002 Watchcase  
D844458 Watch with display  
D843851 Watch case  
D843863 Fitness device with display  
D843227 Watch case  
D843230 Watch  
D842722 Fitness device with display  
D842721 Fitness device with display  
D842720 Wearable device  
D841495 Flexible wristband accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D839753 Watch with display  
D838855 Biosensor  
D838854 Biosensor in a holder  
D838853 Biosensor in a holder with a strap  
D836465 Watch with display  
D836464 Watch with display  
D834953 Watch case  
D834430 Watchcase  
D833903 Portable electronic device  
D831507 Watchcase  
D830856 Activity monitoring device  
D830874 Wearable device  
D830203 Watch  
D827831 Health monitoring wrist wearable  
D826070 Watch case  
D824782 Watch  
D824783 Watch  
D823136 Watchcase  
D822507 Watch case  
D821891 Watch case  
D821892 Watch case  
D818853 Activity monitoring device  
D818375 Wristwatch  
D817952 Portable electronic device  
D817188 Watch case  
D817197 Activity monitoring device  
D817189 Watch case