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D804341 Metering pump  
D793260 Electric power meter  
D774931 Expansion device for energy meter  
D772088 Energy meter  
D761678 Meter socket  
D753003 Electronic power meter  
D751436 Multi-feeder power monitor  
D739283 Electronic meter  
D736663 Meter socket  
D735597 Multi-feeder power monitor  
D712290 Electronic meter  
D712291 Electronic meter  
D712289 Electronic meter  
D711270 Housing unit for an electronic meter  
D708533 Portion of an electronic meter case  
D708082 Portion of an electronic meter case  
D707145 Housing unit and display for an electronic meter  
D703563 Digital display  
D703077 Multi-feeder power monitor  
D703078 Electric power monitor  
D682721 Multi-feeder power monitor  
D682720 Digital display  
D680457 Water meter  
D642083 Electricity meter  
D633402 Electricity meter  
D633403 Electricity meter  
D605962 Plug meter  
D591185 Terminal block assembly for testing kWh meters  
D527295 Meter safety shield  
D482291 Electric type watt hour meter  
D458864 Energy consumption analyzing device  
D432934 Electric meter face cover  
D430499 Watthour meter  
D409934 Modular electric utility meter sensor module  
D406072 Electric utility meter  
D389760 Electrical distribution power meter device having an interface for telecommunications signals  
D378806 Utility meter faceplate  
D363443 Meter  
D355140 Electrical measurement meter  
D348019 Hour meter  
5315236 Power consumption meter for displaying electric power consumed by appliance and the time period of consumption  
A power meter (10) is provided which can plug into an electric wall socket and it is provided with its own socket (16) for receiving the plug of an electrical appliance. The power meter has means...
D343803 Electronic energy meter  
D343133 Rate-timer  
D335092 Electronic energy meter register  
D332923 Engine operating time hour meter  
D332416 Meter set enclosure  
D278133 Flowmeter transmitter circuitry housing  
D258505 Combined meter and electrical housing  
D243699 Combined power outlet and meter support box  
D092691 Title is not available  
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