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D769729 Box  
D769712 Lid grabber  
D770022 Water misting fan  
D769725 Bottle  
D769732 Container and overwrap assembly  
D769720 Preform for dosing bottle  
D769710 Beverage cartridge  
D769713 Fluid container spout  
D769727 Package for garments  
D769734 Packaging assembly  
D769986 Construction components container with lid  
D769714 Packaging tube  
D769722 Perfume bottles  
D769987 Expanding alligator  
D769711 Bottle pourer  
D769731 Beverage pouch  
D769726 Capsule with logo  
D769728 Bottle  
D769718 Garment box insert  
D769717 Insulating cup sleeve  
D769719 Container  
D769723 Container with helical sides  
D769715 Closure for a container  
D769716 Lid  
D769733 Combined container and applicator  
D769730 Bag with transparent front panel and blue back panel  
D769671 Double lid with strap  
D769709 Container  
D769724 Bottle  
D769721 E-liquid bottle  
D769129 Flexible pouch  
D769127 Box with clear removable lid and hollow center  
D769119 Cover  
D769128 Bag  
D769120 Cap  
D769132 Snack package with stacking features  
D769113 Rectangular food container  
D769116 Box for package  
D769060 Vegetable fermenting kitchenware  
D769130 Dispenser  
D769126 Bottle  
D769125 Packaging for foodstuff  
D769114 Combined chip box container and serving bowl  
D769115 Packaging box  
D769121 Package  
D769124 Bottle  
D769123 Container  
D769068 Beverage container  
D769131 Packaging assembly  
D769533 Cosmetic product container