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D783407 Bottle  
D783397 Over the counter medicinal container with surface ornamentation  
D783359 Bottle  
D783406 Bottle  
D783360 Bottle  
D783419 Cosmetic container and solid formulation  
D782917 Bag  
D782919 Gift card wrap  
D782921 Pill card  
D782907 Fitment  
D782913 Bottle  
D782909 Bottle  
D782920 Container and solid formulation  
D782881 Bottle  
D782906 Container securement device  
D782908 Capsule bottle cap  
D782877 Bottle  
D782914 Packaging pot  
D782905 Container  
D782915 Container  
D782916 Container  
D782910 Bottle  
D782911 Bottle  
D783203 Three chamber pod  
D782918 Reclosable shopping bag  
D782912 Cosmetic vessel  
D782922 Pill card  
D782320 Bottle  
D782317 Beverage bottle  
D782332 Packaging for a printer component  
D782323 Pineapple-shaped bottle for beverages  
D782329 Dispenser for tissues and hand-pulled paper products  
D782301 Package with surface ornamentation  
D782299 Package  
D782309 Overcap  
D782327 Packaging  
D782307 Food pan collar  
D782306 Sealing bar  
D782314 Neck band for bottle  
D782312 Cap for a bottle  
D782322 Mitten shaped pouch with side pour squeeze spout  
D782304 Lid for a container  
D782328 Cosmetic container and solid formulation  
D782251 Removable baby feeding habits monitoring device  
D782311 Cap  
D782295 Saw blade container  
D782313 Shave preparation container  
D782321 Bottle  
D782297 Cookware package  
D782300 Packages for diapers and napkinpants