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D786697 Flexible jug  
D786687 Bottle  
D786681 Container  
D786667 Container for coffee capsule  
D786684 Bottle  
D786663 Closeable container  
D786680 Over the counter medicinal container with surface ornamentation  
D787121 Capsule containing washing products  
D786671 Bottle cap  
D786966 Cartridge for ink jet printer  
D786692 Cosmetic container  
D786679 Flask and cap assembly  
D786666 Container with butterfly lid closure  
D786703 Beverage can  
D786693 Food dispensing pouch  
D786672 Cap  
D786702 Stackable bottle carrier with raised handle  
D786682 Bottle with cap  
D786700 Cosmetic container  
D786686 Bottle  
D786670 Packing box for water hose  
D786678 Packaging pot  
D786699 Packaging for confectionery  
D786683 Bottle with cap  
D786689 Perfume bottle and cap  
D786677 Insert for a box  
D786664 Narrow box set for ties  
D786701 Pharmaceutical package  
D786673 Bottle splash guard  
D786674 Bottle cap  
D786698 Segmented snack bag  
D786675 Lid for an egg carton  
D787118 Capsule containing washing products  
D786668 Octagonally shaped product container  
D787120 Capsule containing washing products  
D786676 Dispenser head  
D786665 Wide box set for ties  
D786058 Package with surface ornamentation  
D786083 Bottle  
D786082 Bottle  
D786070 Packaging and blank therefor  
D786071 Container lid with depression for an implement  
D786094 Container for food packing  
D786088 Angled pump with depression  
D786091 Carton  
D786067 Packaging and blank therefor  
D786019 Drinkware having an insert near the bottom  
D786078 Container  
D786018 Bottle  
D786079 Bottle and cap