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D776536 Can stand  
D776539 Bottle  
D776540 Part of bottle  
D776523 Case  
D776524 Package for cosmetic products  
D776542 Bottle  
D776544 Cosmetic bottle  
D776525 Capsule  
D776538 Package  
D776533 Reusable sealing bottle cap assembly  
D776545 Triangular bottle  
D776521 Document box  
D776527 Display container for disposable capsules for the preparation of beverages  
D776541 Part of bottle  
D776528 Container  
D776531 Fluid delivery nozzle  
D776522 Closeable container  
D776547 Interlinking container  
D776535 Bottle closure  
D776564 Vase  
D776526 Container for a confectionery  
D776532 Fluid delivery nozzle  
D775966 Cosmetic vessel  
D775957 Cup with lid  
D775958 Perfume bottle  
D775951 Lid of liquid container  
D776354 Lip balm container  
D775895 Football helmet-shaped container  
D775968 Compartmented packaging for foodstuffs  
D775956 Inflatable packing material  
D775959 Dual chamber jar for lip product  
D775955 Conformable and flexible container liner  
D775954 Conformable and flexible container liner  
D775963 Bottle  
D775946 Package for food products  
D775949 Cap  
D775945 Package  
D775952 Cap for a container  
D775967 Retrieval snare coil sleeve  
D775948 Can lid  
D775947 Paper food tray  
D775960 Bandage container  
D775953 Cap  
D775943 Package for treats  
D775964 Packing box  
D775965 Ring-pull can  
D775950 Closing means for packaging  
D775944 Packet for tobacco products  
D775961 Bottle  
D775962 Container for food packing