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D777518 Bottle  
D777985 Lip balm container  
D777573 Conformable and flexible container liner  
D777513 Tea infuser  
D777569 Flexible package with integral tab  
D777585 Dispenser  
D777576 Travel container  
D777578 Bottle  
D777581 Perfume bottle  
D777575 Container  
D777572 Wine box cover  
D777580 Fragrance bottle with cap  
D777582 Bag for food packing  
D777584 Combined paper scoop and plastic dipping station  
D777512 Thermos bottle with surface pattern  
D777570 Door lock display package  
D777982 Combined cosmetic container and screen  
D777583 Combined paper scoop and plastic dipping station  
D777577 Container for food packing  
D777574 Conformable and flexible container liner  
D777983 Cosmetic product container  
D777571 Container  
D777033 Spray head for a container  
D777044 Package for a data storing device for a kitchen appliance  
D777031 Packaging cap with expandable measuring cup  
D777032 Beverage container lid  
D777038 Bottle  
D777296 Part of sprayer  
D777029 Container closure  
D777039 Bottle  
D777027 Dispensing carton  
D777040 Package with indicia  
D777034 Container lid  
D777041 Refill bottle  
D777026 Package  
D777028 Desiccant container  
D777042 Toothpick assembly  
D777043 Flexible pouch  
D777035 Package with surface ornamentation  
D777036 Bottle  
D777037 Bottle  
D777030 Container lid  
D776537 Package with surface ornamentation  
D776534 Pour spout  
D776529 Carbonated beverage cap liner  
D776546 Package for a feminine hygiene product  
D776548 Cup carrier  
D776543 Bottle  
D776530 Can end  
D776483 Bottle with cutter