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D780568 Blister package  
D780595 Bag with spout  
D780599 Package  
D780596 Container bag with multiple sealable locks  
D780571 Stackable container apparatus  
D780613 Combined bracelet and disposable fluid cartridge  
D780588 Bottle  
D780576 Two-handle attachment for screw lid type jars  
D780574 Teardrop bottle stopper  
D780566 Blister package  
D779942 Cap  
D779936 Delivery box  
D779938 Wine cork with ornamental label  
D779943 Bottle carrier  
D779950 Bottle  
D779932 Packaging  
D779934 Single pack container  
D779939 Lid  
D779959 Fluid container  
D779885 Water bottle  
D779971 Contoured top and bottom seals for a flexible package  
D779935 Package for consumable products  
D779961 Pouch for packaging mask pack  
D779872 Lid for a shaker bottle  
D779941 Mouth plug for container  
D779960 Personal dispenser  
D779967 Contoured seal and contoured skirt for a flexible package  
D779975 Container  
D779974 Container  
D779965 Flexible package with two contoured seals and two seal skirts  
D779969 Two contoured seals and two seal skirts for a flexible package  
D779953 Large format container  
D779973 Food package  
D779951 Bottle  
D779933 Container  
D779972 Self-standing produce pouch  
D779966 Contoured seal and straight seal for a flexible package  
D779964 Perfume bottle  
D779931 Hanger  
D779945 Bottle carrier  
D779952 Large format container  
D779937 Lid  
D779962 Pouch for packaging mask pack  
D779963 Package  
D779968 Two contoured seals for a flexible package  
D779944 Bottle carrier  
D779949 Sealing ring for a bottle  
D779957 Bottle  
D779956 Large format container  
D779958 Box