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D781147 Closure  
D781140 Blister package  
D781155 Container  
D781144 Bottle topper with support legs  
D781142 Beverage container  
D781148 Tray  
D781152 Bottle  
D781101 Baby food feeder  
D781154 Cosmetic bottle  
D781138 Blister package  
D781107 Water container  
D781141 Packaging for a bottle and blank forming thereof  
D781106 Bottle and lid combination  
D781153 Container  
D781158 Bottle carrier  
D781156 Container  
D781139 Blister package  
D781146 Lid  
D781149 Base attachment for cup  
D781150 Bottle  
D781151 Jar  
D781145 Lid  
D780575 Handle attachment for screw lid type jars  
D780587 Large format container  
D780584 Bottle  
D780570 Package  
D780597 Package  
D780581 Bottle carrier  
D780586 Bottle  
D780580 Bottle carrier  
D780594 Combined container and pump  
D780579 Food container cap  
D780567 Blister package  
D780572 Disposable ingredient cartridge for a bread machine  
D780582 Bottle carrier  
D780601 Container  
D780577 Lid  
D780589 Bottle  
D780593 Lotion dispenser  
D780573 Container for food packing  
D780585 Bottle  
D780578 Lid  
D780600 Storage container  
D780583 Package  
D780569 Package  
D780592 Pouch for packaging mask pack  
D780590 Jar  
D780591 Pouch for packaging mask pack  
D780517 Lid and bottle combination  
D780598 Box