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D782330 Packaging for a printer component  
D782296 Blister package  
D782310 Container lid  
D782305 Lid  
D782325 Condom package  
D782326 Packaging sleeve  
D782303 Cup lid  
D782333 Tray  
D782298 Packaging for perfume bottle  
D782316 Jar  
D782245 Drinking container with spinner mechanism  
D782331 Packaging for a printer component  
D782319 Jar  
D782308 Lid for beverage container  
D782334 Egg carton  
D782318 Bottle  
D782315 Canister  
D782324 Reclosable shopping bag  
D782302 Container securement device  
D781662 Bottle  
D781712 Bottle  
D781640 Cap of a bottle with a removable straw mixer  
D781717 Bottle  
D781713 Bottle  
D781698 Container  
D781702 Material for packaging production  
D781711 Bottle with surface ornamentation  
D781657 Water container  
D781699 Blister package  
D781703 Cup lid  
D781710 Bottle clip  
D781708 Container cover  
D781715 Cosmetic container  
D781716 Container for storing and dispensing flowable products  
D781718 Flexible pouch  
D781697 Blister package  
D781704 Combined container and tool  
D781700 Receptacle  
D781707 Beverage can pull tab  
D781645 In-bottle wine aerator  
D781705 Integrated dosage cup and child resistant cap  
D781714 Tiki-shaped container  
D781719 Packaging with accessory  
D781706 Beverage lid with integrated condiment well  
D781695 Packaged automotive air freshener  
D781701 Package  
D781709 Closure  
D781696 Blister package  
D781143 Package  
D781157 Pharmaceutical package