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D790323 Retainer plate for a pump  
D790306 Powered circular saw tool  
D790316 Cabinet handle  
D790277 Combined cup and bottle opener  
D790305 Powered circular saw tool  
D790317 Hinge  
D790331 Bullet bolt with cup washer  
D790314 Knob  
D790319 Electronic door lock  
D790296 Basin for liquid collection and distribution  
D790318 Electronic door lock having a display screen with graphical user interface  
D790320 Electronic door lock  
D790321 Electronic door lock  
D790324 Partition brace pedestal  
D790299 Powered polisher tool  
D790300 Powered reciprocal saw  
D790307 Interface of a power tool  
D790332 Display stand clamp  
D790301 Powered reciprocal saw with rear mounted motor  
D790315 Cabinet handle  
D790325 Pegboard adapter  
D790477 Cable conduit  
D790322 Toolbox exterior locking rack for large wrenches  
D790309 Clamp  
D790302 Powered reciprocal saw tool with rear mounted motor  
D790328 Coat towel holder  
D790312 Sanding tool  
D790612 Abrading and founding machine tool  
D790308 Ladder clamp  
D790326 Protective buffer strap  
D790310 Handle adapter for a bench vice  
D790329 Fastener  
D790298 Stapler for irrigation pipe and landscape fabric  
D790333 Tarp cover stop  
D790330 Connecting element for sheet piles  
D790313 Cutter knife  
D790297 Spatula hand tool  
D790295 Operating handle  
D790311 Tool assembly  
D790327 Leash clip  
D790304 Powered circular saw tool  
D790303 Cordless chainsaw  
D789765 Handle  
D789769 Electronic door lock  
D789771 Handle latch  
D789779 Corrugated tube clamp  
D789762 Razor sharpener  
D789778 Flashlight clip  
D789759 Saw blade  
D789776 Connector