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D700043 Slotted mini-hook  
D700035 Door lever  
D700028 Stripping tool  
D700027 Handle for hand tools  
D700029 Scissors  
D700044 Double hook  
D700033 Handle of tool  
D700038 Thumb turn latch  
D700046 Abrasive sheet holder  
D700040 Roof-mount element  
D700087 Detachable mounting unit of device for measuring parameters for manufacturing spectacle lens  
D700042 Double-sided hook  
D700045 Pair of climbing skin mounting brackets  
D700037 Locking device  
D700041 Double-sided hook  
D700032 Hand-held power tool  
D700034 Handle  
D700031 Sander  
D700036 Hinge  
D700030 Scissors  
D700039 Digital door lock  
D700026 Weed cutter  
D699531 Torque wrench  
D699558 Gland nut  
D699550 Flat utility belt holder  
D699546 Adjustable bracket  
D699529 Drain spade  
D699537 Clamp for mounting vibrators  
D699551 Utility belt holder for various size buckles  
D699554 Interchangeable titanium nail head  
D699557 Belt clip  
D699536 Fabric retaining track  
D699538 Holdfast  
D699533 Grout sealant applicator  
D699535 Nailer  
D699527 Square point blade  
D699542 Auto emergency tool  
D699540 Utility knife  
D699549 Support bracket  
D699548 Slotted mini-hook  
D699553 Connector clip  
D699817 Shower control  
D699552 Roller shade clutch cover  
D699555 Indexed bolt  
D699534 Knife sharpener  
D699541 Utility knife  
D699545 Fastener  
D699539 Transverse and vertical rotary vise  
D699526 Shears handles  
D699543 Handle