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D707504 Bendable plastic strip with interlocking end portions and forming a section of a water receiving band surrounding a plant  
D707519 Rivet tool  
D707545 Clamp for fence panels  
D707510 Keychain bottle opener  
D707534 Cable organizing device  
D707517 Angle grinder  
D707539 Hook  
D707525 Sanding block  
D707514 Trigger for pliers  
D707512 Bottle cap remover  
D707513 Corkscrew  
D707544 Finial  
D707533 Variable tie  
D707736 Chisel holder  
D707508 Strap wrench  
D707505 Collapsible seed/plant protector  
D707522 Impact tool  
D707538 Hook  
D707531 Lock  
D707537 Hook  
D707507 Bottle opener  
D707524 Screwdriver bit  
D707529 Shackle  
D707546 Towel clip  
D707523 Reciprocating scraper tool  
D707543 Holder for liquid dispensers  
D707530 Key  
D707506 Scoop  
D707511 Bottle opener  
D707516 Angle grinder  
D707521 Drill driver tool  
D707536 Covered tarp strap  
D707540 Hook  
D707527 Handle of hand tool  
D707541 Hook  
D707520 Drill  
D707535 Nail-less curtain center support bracket  
D707515 Angle grinder  
D707532 Grommet  
D707542 Hook  
D707526 Sanding glove  
D707518 Grinder  
8757425 Beverage container  
An illustrative beverage container having a handle defining multiple gripping portions is disclosed.
D707528 Screen handle  
D707509 Operating handle for tool  
D707102 Striker plate U-bolt lock  
D707106 Cable organizing device  
D707113 Hook  
D707104 EXP guitar key  
D707111 Hook