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D741696 Adjustable bracket  
D741672 Tool for 240 bravo machine gun  
D741677 Laminate trimmer  
D741698 Bracket support  
D741695 Desk ganger  
D741599 Luggage wheel housing with a wheel  
D741699 Clip  
D741689 Mounting assembly  
D741681 Hand tool  
D741694 Robe hook  
D741688 Bracket with slotted side walls  
D741678 Chain saw for cutting stone  
D742001 Tattoo machine  
D741683 Handle for home appliance  
D741687 Violin key  
D741671 Adhesive applicator  
D741680 Knife  
D741676 Snowball clamp  
D741686 Light sword key  
D741674 Bottle opener  
D741690 Support bracket  
D741669 Handle for a garden tool  
D741697 Bracket support  
D741684 Handle for home appliance  
D741693 Fiber optic/electrical cable reel assembly  
D741679 Tire service hammer  
D741692 Stanchion carabiner  
D741701 Tube management clip  
D741691 Offset cable tie  
D741675 Crimping device for replacing an aglet at the end of a shoe lace  
D741682 Pull me up  
D741670 Hedger  
D741700 Split locking sleeve  
D741673 Bottle opener  
D741685 Light weapon key  
D741125 Opener  
D741146 Holding plate  
D741160 Fence clip  
D741153 Wall mounted hose reel  
D741144 Swing arm  
D741161 Clip for a patient monitoring pod  
D741122 Tiller head  
D741130 Tacking tool  
D741151 Pipe support  
D741137 Circular saw bit for vibrating saw  
D741135 Strip-type saw bit for vibrating saw  
D741145 Quickdraw  
D741134 Keyless chuck  
D741156 Glide for lawn furniture  
D741127 Glue applicator