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D764898 Grout ring for concrete dowel bars or tubes  
D764890 Appliance handle  
D764887 Cutlery sharpener  
D764889 Engine starter cord handle  
D764900 Anchor  
D764883 Squeegee handle  
D764882 Hedge shears  
D764902 Container pad  
D764891 Electronic locker lock  
D765047 Contact extraction tool  
D764901 Object hanging apparatus  
D764895 Frame for supporting warning sign on tailgate of dump truck  
D764896 Lightning protection mount  
D764885 Tube cutter  
D764888 Knife  
D764886 Axe for splitting wood into kindling or the like  
D764893 Surface mount electronic cam lock  
D764892 Surface mount electronic cam lock  
D764894 Instrument mount  
D764884 Combination reacher and shoe horn  
D764899 Carabiner  
D764897 Lightning protection mount  
D764256 Mounting device  
D764253 Painting tool  
D764250 Tool bit  
D764247 Saw blade  
D764266 Composite action tie  
D764709 Brush drying rack  
D764264 Triple hook  
D764260 Climbing apparatus  
D764255 Surface mount electronic cam lock  
D764244 Plate handling tool  
D764263 Double hook  
D764268 Wire gripper  
D764246 Ice resurfacing blade  
D764257 Roller attachment for a paint sprayer  
D764262 Connector for a canopy system  
D764259 Cord tray  
D764252 Gun tool  
D764248 Right angle drive  
D764243 Manually operated auger  
D764245 Ice resurfacing blade  
D764249 Rod stiffener clamp  
D764254 Cabinet knob  
D764251 Tool bit  
D764261 Climbing apparatus  
D764267 Hollow screw  
D764265 Display panel frame  
D764258 Housing of a rope grab  
D763669 Support for shelving and architectural embellishments