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D760065 Support bracket  
D760057 Handle  
D760044 Multiple use wrench  
D760048 Hockey puck bottle opener  
D760043 Blade  
D760051 Interchangeable crimping tool  
D760061 Latch handle  
D760068 Display hook  
D760059 Decorative heavy duty door closer cover  
D760042 Silicone grip for garden tools  
D760053 Vise  
D760056 Gun tool  
D760052 Pipe carrying device  
D760058 Appliance leg security lock  
D760064 Handle plate  
D760070 Cleat  
D760067 Mount  
D760054 Axe  
D760047 Wrench  
D760063 Garage door security plate assembly  
D760050 Plier tool  
D760060 Decorative heavy duty door closer body  
D760049 Swivel prep tool  
D760055 Tool handle  
D760069 Set of stabilizer pads  
D760045 Hub wrench  
D760062 Addison lock escutcheon  
D760046 Handle  
D760066 Skull mount bracket  
D759463 Mount for storage box  
D759465 Trophy mount hanger  
D759447 Wrench handle  
D759457 Cable eye paddle handle element  
D759471 Fastener for decking  
D759453 Wire cutter and stripper  
D759475 Clip  
D759470 Holder  
D759450 Finishing tool  
D759476 Clip  
D759444 Circular trimmer line  
D759458 Handle for backpack or luggage  
D759459 Lock latch  
D759464 Leveling foot  
D759466 Bracket  
D759467 Rope clamp  
D759455 Ice axe  
D759755 Pocket key organizer  
D759606 Contact extraction tool  
D759456 Screwdriver head  
D759452 Hand operated crimping tool