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D774872 Wheel-securing clip  
D774856 Tool for fitting a grease gun tip onto a grease fitting  
D774875 Lock escutcheon  
D774876 Mounting seat for a driving device of a window blind  
D774880 Hanger clip  
D774870 Locking element  
D774873 Mounting plate  
D774855 Gladhand taper grip  
D774863 Impact tool  
D774877 Grommet for mopping cloth  
D774879 Tie wrap for bundling objects  
D774867 Screwdriver handle  
D774754 Tool holder for T-shaped tools  
D775448 Drill winch  
D774860 Impact wrench  
D774865 Dust collector of drill machine  
D774869 Multi-tool  
D774853 Vehicle saw attachment  
D774868 Screw remover  
D774859 Press tool  
D774866 Chuck  
D774871 Electronic lock input dial  
D774862 Impact tool  
D774854 Hoe hand tool blade  
D774827 Beverage container  
D774858 Press tool  
D774753 Tool holder for T-shaped tools  
D774878 Tap  
D775248 Pipe chuck teeth  
D774874 Solar panel mounting bracket  
D774857 Tongs for use in holding wooden workpiece in bandsaw  
D774864 Drill driver  
D774861 Drill driver  
D774374 Multi-purpose ax head with side channels  
D774383 Cable spool  
D774385 Fastener  
D774371 Ratchet wrench with bottle cap opener  
D774384 Piano caster cup  
D774381 Mounting seat for a driving device of a window blind  
D774378 Fish shaped slide lock  
D774379 Display system  
D774376 Tool connector handle  
D774386 Tamper-proof nut  
D774377 Door and window handle  
D774373 Opener  
D774375 Jacket-stripping tool  
D774380 Mounting bracket set  
D774372 Wrench  
D774382 Holder and holder support with lever-actuated suction membrane  
D774370 Ratchet handle