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D769683 Leaf rake  
D769687 Air compressor  
D769691 Cutter  
D769703 Wall anchor  
D769708 Spherical, flanged washer  
D769697 Security attachment device  
D769699 Adjustable wall mounting system  
D769702 Hanger for small articles  
D769707 Deck umbrella mount  
D769692 Utility knife  
D769695 Sliding barrier dock leveler  
D769682 Attachable shrub rake  
D769700 Cord holder attachment for headgear  
D770033 Mounting clip for portable fan  
D769690 Combination fastener and mating driving tool  
D769686 Bullet bottle opener  
D769681 Rake with attached shrub rake  
D769706 Seismic separation clip for suspended ceiling grid systems  
D769705 Fitting with swivel D-ring  
D769689 Fastener driver  
D769685 Accessory tool  
D769688 Tool handle  
D769694 Knife  
D769696 Electronic lock  
D769693 Utility knife  
D769701 Roof safety anchor  
D769698 Framing bracket  
D769704 Pointed zip tie  
D769684 Thread restorer tool  
D769086 Weed trimmer head spool with angled guide channel  
D768980 Pocket key organizer  
D769101 Locking mechanism for a handle  
D769111 Clip  
D769384 Split bearing retainer for a bat, club or racket  
D769095 Tool  
D769090 Engine-turning tool  
D769104 Swivel carabiner  
D769108 Rooftop support base  
D769092 Handle for a handheld tool  
D769088 Weed trimmer head spool with angled guide channel  
D769109 Fastener  
D769098 Axe  
D769099 Demolition tool  
D769102 Locking system  
D769004 Robe hook  
D769089 Adjusting member for a brake cylinder adjuster  
D769091 Bottle opener  
D769097 Sheet metal hammer  
D769107 Wall mountable clip  
D769175 Mirror bracket, arm, and mounting clip assembly