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D749931 Hinge for furniture  
D749936 Portable holder  
D749927 Trek saw  
D749930 Handle for a door controller  
D749923 Casting flash removal tool  
D749932 Keyless security lock  
D749929 Utility knife handle  
D749934 Paddle latch  
D749933 Paddle latch  
D749941 Thermal break washer  
D749935 Rooftop support base  
D749938 Chain shortening hook  
D749926 Vise  
D749924 Wrench  
D749937 Portable holder  
D749921 Harvesting knife with safety tip  
D749939 Tab for sock  
D749925 Wrench handle  
D749928 Utility knife handle  
D749922 Scoop handle  
D749940 Clamping device  
D749387 Open-end wrench  
D749385 Open end of a wrench head  
D749399 Bracket cover  
D749384 Ratch wheel  
D749386 Wrench tool for skateboard  
D749396 Paddle latch  
D749393 Handle for refrigerator  
D749407 Connector nut  
D749549 Mount for electronic devices  
D749404 Offset display holder  
D749403 Holder  
D749388 Socket  
D749405 Magnetic display holding channel  
D749389 Portable electric driver  
D749394 Door hinge for automobile  
D749390 Single headed hammer with interchangeable striking faces  
D749406 Grill support bracket  
D749398 Vehicle key  
D749409 Loop-ended twist tie  
D749400 Cord lock with screw in base feature  
D749401 Attachment device  
D749383 Bottle opener  
D749395 Paddle latch  
D749397 Valve lockout device  
D749408 Retaining ring  
D749402 End cap  
D749382 Tool for printer cartridge  
D749391 Wire stripper  
D749392 Folding knife