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D711730 Tube clamp  
D711731 Clamp of a stand for supporting an instrument  
D711698 Protective stake cover  
D711729 Wood pinching wedge  
D711701 Shovel  
D711732 Wheel lock  
D711946 Torch  
D711718 Meter box grounding clamp  
D711723 Lock  
D711709 Wrench  
D711720 Multi-tool  
D711715 Portable electric band saw  
D711710 Opener  
D711722 Cabinet handle  
D711719 Tool bit  
D711717 Rotary hammer with dust reduction system  
D711721 Multi-tool with blade sharpener  
D711705 Improvised explosive device locator with telescoping handle  
D711700 Trimmer  
D711714 Hand held motorized device  
D711725 Cord lock  
D711708 Driver  
D711726 Bracket for wall hanging a display device  
D711707 Bottle opener  
D712100 Handle for equine tools  
D711706 Telescoping reset/testing tool with interchangeable heads  
D711704 Ice removal shovel  
D711699 Adjustable weed cutting tool  
D711713 Eyebrow scissors  
D711727 Furniture assembly fitting  
D711728 Flat tie for formwork panel assembly  
D711712 Pair of handles for an instrument or tool  
D711711 Pliers  
D711724 Lockbox cover  
D711703 Tool handle  
D711702 Shovel  
D711716 Battery powered cut-off machine  
D711733 Post driver chuck nut  
D711214 Rebar positioner and fastener  
D711212 Rope clamp  
D711202 Blade assembly for trimmer  
D711207 Multi-function tool  
D711208 Multi-function tool  
D711205 Tube cutters  
D711203 Brush cutter with bike handle  
D711201 Auger  
D711210 Pipeline weight  
D711204 Rake  
D711216 Tack  
D711206 Trim tool