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D728177 Roller shaft for substrate cleaning  
D727694 Fruit-catching net  
D727695 Cutting head  
D727699 Wrench  
D727706 Pneumatic tool casing  
D727655 Bottle support  
D727854 Cable crimp cover  
D727697 Wrench  
D727704 Bottle cap opener  
D728044 Exercise band connector  
D727720 Wheel lock  
D727700 Tire tool  
D727713 Clip for an animal housing  
D727716 Fastening bracket  
D727715 Post connector  
D727702 Bar tool  
D727657 Holder  
D727709 Tool rack  
D727717 Cord wrap and organizer  
D727707 Cable installation device  
D727711 Gusseted bicycle handle bar  
D727719 Connector for reptile cage  
D727710 Handle grip  
D727714 Actuator for gates and doors  
D727701 Bar tool  
D727656 Grip  
D727718 Clip  
D727696 Shock-absorbing gardening tool set  
D727705 Concrete finishing float  
D727708 Socket stand  
D727703 Fish corkscrew  
D727712 Drawer handle with label indentation  
D727698 Driving head assembly for a pneumatic ratchet wrench  
D727126 Punch  
D727138 Pair of end caps for hydraulic cylinder  
D727136 Wheel for a folding massage bed  
D727121 Rectangular-headed universal wrench  
D727132 Bicycle handlebar  
D727123 Wide bicycle tire remover tool  
D727118 Wrench  
D727117 Tool collar for hand tool  
D727124 Narrow bicycle tire remover tool  
D727134 Latch for vehicles  
D727129 Tool handle  
D727137 Wheel assembly for a folding massage bed  
D727130 Tool handle  
D727122 Oval-headed universal wrench  
D727119 Wrench  
D727133 Adjustable hinge  
D727131 Handle grip