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D782292 Clip  
D782272 Conical grip  
D782281 Fixing plate  
D782287 Cable management container  
D782270 Handle  
D782664 Reusable carrying handle  
D782283 Lock escutcheon  
D782269 Handle  
D782293 Stair tread clip  
D782285 Adjustable wall mounting system  
D782258 Connector of garden shear handle  
D782352 Marine mount  
D782278 Security device  
D782290 Air conditioning window unit clamp  
D782544 Pulley with fan function  
D782280 Spray hood attachment system  
D782210 Bracket for digital photo frame  
D782294 Bar clamp  
D782262 Tool kit  
D782260 Blade  
D782274 Rear gripper latch  
D782279 Lock  
D782266 Clamping device  
D782259 Cartridge assembly  
D782275 Double latch lever  
D782284 Lock escutcheon  
D781571 Hook clip to suspend eyewear or other articles  
D781683 Clip for securing rebar  
D781939 Blade  
D781693 Carpet sample holder  
D781676 Opener for bottles, glasses and tubes  
D781684 Bracelet type purse hanger  
D781681 Roof bracket  
D781686 Strap for cord management  
D781710 Bottle clip  
D781677 Tool holder  
D781680 Deadbolt for door assembly  
D781675 Wrench  
D781679 Hand tool handle  
D781691 Lug nut  
D781673 Tree pruner  
D781672 Handle for gardening shears  
D781674 Radiator wrench  
D781685 Strap with cord attachment mechanism for a cord management system  
D781682 Magnetic two-hole pin  
D781688 Handrail bracket  
D781694 Fuse puller  
D781689 Air conditioning window unit clamp  
D781690 Air conditioning window unit clamp  
D781678 Hand tool