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D783394 Door stop  
D783392 Clamp  
D783377 Tool  
D783393 Offset washer  
D783375 Door component installation jig  
D783376 Grenade bottle opener  
D783388 Hoop  
D783386 Support bracket  
D783372 Tying ball  
D783385 Fence clip  
D783383 Electric support for headrest  
D782896 Finger placement grip for a hand tool  
D782904 Jig for fixing refrigerant pipes of bobsleigh track  
D782900 Key body  
D782893 Pocket tool with tape measure  
D782892 Utility knife incorporating magnet  
D782928 Sensor mount assembly  
D782930 Sensor mount assembly  
D782895 Finger placement grip for a hand tool  
D782891 Locking pliers  
D782887 Gardening tool  
D782931 Sensor mount assembly  
D782897 Attachment to a handle  
D782890 Bottle opener  
D782888 Rotatable shovel handle  
D782902 Deck rail connector  
D782903 Connecting element for sheet piles  
D782894 Implement handle  
D782929 Sensor mount assembly  
D782901 Holder for swivel connection to a support device  
D782889 Pitch fork tool with an interchangeable spade head  
D782899 Latch  
D782898 Electric support for sofa  
D783135 Shaft coupling hub  
D782261 Arbor for cutting blades  
D782674 Multi-barbed anchor  
D782291 Tool for expanded cell confinement structure  
D782277 Latch  
D782264 Board hanging device  
D782273 Articulatable joint for accessory mount  
D782288 Clothes hook  
D782286 Strap with hook and loop closure for a cord management system  
D782265 Screwdriver caddy  
D782263 Tacker  
D782276 T-latch handle assembly  
D782271 Tool handle  
D782267 Frame dimpler  
D782268 Handle  
D782289 Support for window air conditioning unit  
D782282 Lock escutcheon