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D786635 Vehicle snow shovel  
D786649 Selector lever  
D786642 Fit-for-purpose sensor housing for a downhole tool  
D786655 Carabiner  
D786641 Mud pan mixing tool  
D786636 Tool handle  
D786656 Air hose hanger for a rail way vehicle  
D786634 Shears  
D786640 Wrench  
D786658 Wire caddy  
D786633 Basin for liquid collection and distribution  
D786637 Weeding tool  
D786650 Knob for a gas appliance  
D786639 Wrench  
D786648 Cabinet knob  
D786645 Reamer  
D787021 Lever handle inlaid with semiprecious stones or gems on top with brass base  
D786653 Door lock  
D786646 Screw remover  
D786661 Coaxial cable grip  
D786660 Clamp with light  
D786651 Oven knob  
D786051 Bracket having holding features  
D786033 Gasket for a plastering tool blade  
D786044 Garage door security plate assembly  
D786032 Bottle opener with strap  
D786055 Fastening device  
D786057 Engine valve cover bolt  
D786040 Cutting device  
D786053 Clip  
D786050 Metal spool for wire and the like  
D786047 Gun safe security cable  
D786045 Coin-operated locker  
D786036 Snip  
D786030 Hedge trimmer  
D786054 Clip  
D786034 Handle assembly for drywall finisher box  
D786039 Scissors  
D786035 Stapler  
D786046 Gun safe security cable  
D786042 Demolition tool head  
D786038 Scissors  
D786001 Hammock  
D786037 Snip  
D786048 Cable management member  
D786043 Toilet seat lift  
D786031 T-post driver  
D786049 Anchor hook  
D786052 Hook bracket for mounting articles on a wall  
D786041 Cutting device