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D789192 Modular furniture part  
D789180 Modular furniture part  
D789177 Adapter base with ball mount  
D788576 Cable identification marker  
D788572 Carabiner  
D788551 Snow removal tool  
D788566 Handle  
D788563 Multi-purpose wrecking tool  
D788950 Roof anchor  
D788556 Bilateral mechanism  
D788568 Escutcheon for a door handle  
D788573 Connecting element for sheet piles  
D788571 Holder support with pivot arm-actuated suction membrane  
D788554 Blade  
D788557 Electricians scissors  
D788560 Handle and support arrangement for power tool  
D788558 Cutting tool  
D788567 Cabinet handle  
D788553 Caulking gun  
D788574 Spike bolt with cup washer  
D788562 Hammer  
D788559 Screwdriver  
D789009 Tool bracket  
D788564 Tool handle  
D788565 Handleset  
D788570 Guide  
D788575 Multi-purpose clip  
D788550 Housing for steam emitting weed killer  
D788569 Escutcheon for a door handle  
D788552 Combination shovel and broom  
D788951 Roof anchor  
D788555 Blade  
D788561 Clamp  
D787909 Screwdriver bit  
D788254 Firearm sling retaining device  
D787923 Glass plate adapter  
D787924 Lug nut bolt  
D787908 Electric portable wet saw  
D788271 Shaft coupling hub  
D787907 Liquid-plastic welding tool  
D788039 Desktop receptacle faceplate  
D787917 Bracket  
D787904 Alignment tool  
D787906 Socket  
D787826 Hanging utility bag in the form of a tube  
D787912 Handle  
D787915 Locking and closing device  
D787911 Handleset  
D788325 Fastening system for flexible material  
D787920 Hose reel