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D775916 Convertible snap-ring pliers  
D775920 Drill  
D775924 Handle for hand tools  
D775940 PVC swivel connector  
D775930 Key  
D775935 Tile leveler cap assembly  
D775919 Air impact wrench  
D775926 Hand grip  
D775921 Drill  
D775967 Retrieval snare coil sleeve  
D775941 Square locknut  
D775923 Multi-purpose ax head with striking surface  
D775934 Shimless spacer  
D775909 Tool handle  
D775910 Head component for a push-pull tool  
D775942 Astragal bottom boot  
D775938 Hook  
D775911 Angle stop combination wrench and tool handle  
D775933 Shimless spacer  
D776272 Fastener  
D775925 Handle for hand tools  
D775936 Cable management station  
D775918 Scissors  
D775908 Lawn rake  
D775907 Lawn rake  
D776206 Shovel  
D775983 Handle for electrical measuring instrument  
D775939 End bracket for a dual cassette roller shade  
D775509 Drawer latch  
D775507 Clamp with pivoting flag for tables  
D775508 Handle  
D775514 Strap connector  
D775505 Powder actuated tool  
D775518 Tie for plant  
D775504 Snip  
D775510 Lock for bicycle  
D775502 McLeod tool head  
D775513 Diamond shaped carabiner with double gates  
D775512 Two-sided railing support bracket  
D775539 Handle for electrical measuring instrument  
D775516 Lateral displacement preventing member  
D775515 Rope hitch  
D775506 Drawer slide jig  
D775517 Coil lanyard  
D775501 Shovel head  
D775503 Switchable pliers  
D775519 Clamp  
D775534 Clip mount for a watch  
D775511 Padlockable security collar having pivotally connected components for shielding a clampable connector assembly  
D774872 Wheel-securing clip