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D777020 Bottle holder, adapter and clamp assembly  
D777013 Device mount  
D777019 Cushion  
D776995 String trimmer  
D776997 Cutting head  
D777024 Bracket for fixing communication equipment  
D776994 Water globe  
D777003 Cutting tool  
D777021 Clamp  
D777017 Hose reel enclosure  
D777002 Aglet repair tool  
D777009 Door handle for washing machine  
D777007 Handle for electric pump  
D777006 Knife blade  
D777000 Hook component for a push-pull tool  
D777025 Mount for a remote control  
D776516 Aerial support tie  
D776514 Mounting adaptor for attachment to a track  
D776502 Head component for a push-pull tool  
D776504 Socket  
D776506 Pliers  
D776501 Battery powered hedge trimmer  
D776503 Handle for hand tool  
D776515 Mounting seat for a driving device of a window blind  
D776508 Knife  
D776505 Anti-slip fastener remover  
D776510 HVAC cabinet handle  
D776507 Rotatable crank tool  
D776511 Knob  
D776513 Threaded security bolt  
D776509 Surface surrounding a knob  
D776518 Cord lock with screw in base feature  
D776517 Cable Organizing device  
D776520 Stay for furniture  
D776512 Hinge cover  
D776615 Connection of two angled bus bars  
D776519 Hookah table mount  
D775931 Magnetic carrier for a rehanger  
D775922 Fastening tool  
D775915 Pliers  
D775914 Pliers  
D776236 Handle for a gun cleaning tool  
D775929 Hook type sash lock  
D775917 Pliers  
D775927 Reinforced door handle  
D775937 Device for securing a cable  
D775928 Locking device  
D775912 Switch knob for ratchet wrench  
D775932 Magnetic carrier for a rehanger  
D775913 Cork remover