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D778135 Clamp apparatus  
D777793 Support bracket  
D777547 Handle clamp for an exothermic welding mold  
D777563 Tension curtain rod support  
D777568 Ornament attachment clip  
D777560 Key  
D777990 D-ring cord attachment point  
D777544 Drill driver  
D777551 Screwdriver handle  
D777546 Work holder for polishing apparatus  
D777552 Folding knife  
D777559 Semiautomatic pistol-shaped key  
D777562 Mounting bracket for a tank  
D777564 Carton divider  
D777548 Clamp  
D777566 Bracket  
D777549 Hammer  
D777541 Electrolytic brush handle  
D777567 Cord clamping device  
D777565 Connector  
D777545 Portable electric driver  
D777625 Handlebar  
D777550 Screwdriver  
D777556 Retrofitted lock assembly for a locker  
D777561 Mounting seat for a driving device of a window blind  
D777543 Hand held tool  
D777553 Brake bias adjuster knob  
D777557 Retrofitted lock assembly for a locker  
D777558 Universal strike plate saddle  
D777554 Hinge pin  
D777542 Track pliers  
D777555 Rotor lock  
D777011 Bracket  
D777014 Integrated stiffener  
D777018 Carton divider  
D777022 Device clip  
D777012 Heart and diamond lock  
D776996 String trimmer  
D777055 Battery monitoring clamp  
D776999 Grasping device  
D777004 Disposal installation support mount  
D777016 Gasket having raised sealing surface pattern  
D777023 Yoga mat clip  
D777001 Palm ratchet  
D776998 Conduit removal tool  
D777010 Roller slam latch keeper  
D777008 Brake bias adjuster knob  
D777005 Prying tool  
D777015 All-directional seismic (restraint) spring mount with housing  
D777108 Housing for spools of cables