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D779306 Latch  
D779296 Multiple wrench tool  
D779304 Pull for cabinets and drawers  
D779309 Gasoline flow control device  
D779226 Tufted clothing hanger  
D779310 Rebar chair  
D779308 Leveling foot  
D779302 Pivoting handle for cabinet door  
D779299 Pipe clamp wedge  
D778708 Escutcheon  
D778709 Threaded lippage cap  
D778700 Plier  
D778706 Hand grip  
D778699 Offset crows foot socket  
D778710 Cable tie  
D778694 Pruner  
D778695 Rotary tiller  
D778717 Elongated coin holder  
D778697 SIM tray ejection device  
D778707 Closing device  
D778703 Tool handle  
D778712 Cable spool  
D778714 Magnetic mounting bracket with vent attachment  
D778702 Tool support adapter block  
D778711 Elastic strapping cord friction pad  
D778696 Garden tool with cross hatching  
D778704 Screwdriver bit  
D778698 Ratchet handle having a removable extension member  
D778701 Tool  
D778713 Adhesive attachment for magnetic mounting bracket  
D778705 Blade sharpener  
D778715 Tree fastener for use of automobile cavity  
D778140 Holder for bicycle locks  
D778439 Medical instrument  
D778146 Caster for furniture  
D778138 Door locking mechanism  
D778137 Tool bit  
D778133 Tool  
D778147 Bottle cage connection seat  
D778142 Gasket having raised sealing surface pattern  
D778141 Key handle with integrated attachment device  
D778143 Cable organizing device  
D778139 Slide latch  
D778136 Mallet  
D778188 Electronic probe handle  
D778144 Cradle grab hook  
D778145 Shake-proof hook  
D778148 Clip  
D778132 Knob adjustment wrench with carabiner clip  
D778134 Insertion tool