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D780554 Multipurpose lock  
D780545 Bottle opener sunglass strap  
D780557 Adaptor for connecting a wall brace shoe to a ground anchor  
D780564 Lug nut  
D780560 Hose guide  
D780543 Universal skateboard tool  
D779902 Hand-held power tool  
D779925 Mountain sports equipment  
D779903 Cordless impact screwdriver  
D779919 Housing for a digital deadbolt lock  
D779909 Tab handle  
D779912 Cabinet handle  
D779926 Tape line wiper  
D779918 Storage compartment latch  
D779911 Cabinet handle  
D779914 Cabinet handle  
D779923 Jig for repairing broken mounting studs  
D779921 Jig for repairing broken mounting studs  
D779929 Glass fastener  
D779924 Cable tie  
D779905 Combination driver and holder for a threaded fastener  
D779910 Screen door opening foot handle  
D779898 Applicator  
D779920 Electronic door lock  
D779907 Tool handle  
D779922 Jig for repairing broken mounting studs  
D779928 Bag peg  
D779930 Bolt  
D779927 Hanging apparatus with movable hooks  
D779906 Stamping hammer  
D779915 Cabinet handle  
D779916 Cabinet handle  
D779904 Chisel  
D779913 Cabinet handle  
D779917 Handle  
D779908 Padlockable T-handle  
D779897 Self-watering planter  
D779901 Bottle opener  
D779298 Hand held tool  
D779307 Portable restroom stall door lock  
D779314 Offset cable tie  
D779300 Hammer head  
D779297 Blade  
D779312 Hanging bracket  
D779305 Switch  
D779301 Safety cutter body  
D779315 Outer pipe clamp ring  
D779311 Handrail bracket  
D779313 Cushion clip  
D779303 Oven knob