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D781641 Appliance handle  
D781692 Identification tag holder  
D781642 Appliance handle  
D781687 Cord holder  
D781136 Cable tie  
D781133 Lock  
D781132 Smart padlock  
D781134 Removable handle  
D781120 Bilateral claw  
D781127 Appliance handle endcap  
D781119 Bottle opener  
D781175 Fastener  
D781118 Wrench  
D781130 Housing for a digital deadbolt lock  
D781135 Key  
D781129 Sling latch  
D781125 Multi-tool  
D781137 Disposable retainer  
D781122 Upper gripper jaw  
D781124 Hammer  
D781117 Can opener  
D781123 Hammerhead  
D781116 Spiked tip for delivering steam into the root area of a weed  
D781131 Smart padlock  
D781128 Floating hinge  
D781115 Dripper  
D781121 Rivet setting tool  
D781126 Cooktop control knob with a reflective ring  
D780561 Wheel cover fastener  
D780546 Bottle opener  
D780552 Cabinet handle  
D780553 Hinge  
D780563 Lug nut  
D781002 Double D-ring attachment point  
D780556 Slide lock assembly  
D780860 Locking barbell collar  
D780551 Cabinet knob  
D780565 Clamping connector  
D780542 Shovel  
D780548 Power tool  
D780693 Power tool  
D780550 Multi-tool  
D780547 Pick up device with flexible shaft portion  
D780558 Tool support sleeve  
D780562 Lug nut  
D780559 Ultra metal combo hook  
D780544 Valve remover with storage volume  
D780861 Locking barbell collar  
D780549 Bench vise  
D780555 Cover and handle for window lock