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D790307 Interface of a power tool  
D789759 Saw blade  
D789171 Right angle drive  
D788560 Handle and support arrangement for power tool  
D786645 Reamer  
D786646 Screw remover  
D780548 Power tool  
D779905 Combination driver and holder for a threaded fastener  
D779904 Chisel  
D776507 Rotatable crank tool  
D775448 Drill winch  
D774865 Dust collector of drill machine  
D774868 Screw remover  
D774866 Chuck  
D775248 Pipe chuck teeth  
D764248 Right angle drive  
D763052 Chainsaw sharpener guide  
D756741 Chisel  
D754510 Interface of a power tool  
D753453 Portable handheld drill press  
D753454 Portable handheld drill press  
D752937 Chisel  
D751880 Sprinkler tool  
D750461 Tool accessory hub  
D748446 Drill winch  
D747942 Multiple rivet driver for a power tool  
D747165 Magnetic socket holder  
D746655 Blade  
D746654 Cutting disk  
D745356 Circular saw blade vent  
D745354 Circular saw blade vent  
D745355 Circular saw blade vent  
D744800 Power tool blade guard  
D744799 Fastener gun self centering on washer mating contoured ring device  
D744309 Cable installation device  
D743229 Screw magazine  
D743230 Hammer drill  
D742710 Hammer drill  
D741137 Circular saw bit for vibrating saw  
D741135 Strip-type saw bit for vibrating saw  
D741134 Keyless chuck  
D741133 Chain sprocket cover  
D741384 Grinding disc  
D741136 Fan-type saw bit for vibrating saw  
D740637 Backing pad  
D738177 Backing pad  
D738176 Drill and tap guide  
D738178 Tool adaptor plate  
D737647 Nosepiece for screwdriver  
D736582 Hammer drill dust extractor