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D790332 Display stand clamp  
D790333 Tarp cover stop  
D787926 Clip  
D787925 Clip to suspend eyewear and other articles  
D786660 Clamp with light  
D786055 Fastening device  
D784798 Cart clip  
D783385 Fence clip  
D782928 Sensor mount assembly  
D782930 Sensor mount assembly  
D782931 Sensor mount assembly  
D782929 Sensor mount assembly  
D781693 Carpet sample holder  
D781694 Fuse puller  
D781692 Identification tag holder  
D780565 Clamping connector  
D777568 Ornament attachment clip  
D777567 Cord clamping device  
D777022 Device clip  
D777020 Bottle holder, adapter and clamp assembly  
D777021 Clamp  
D774880 Hanger clip  
D774879 Tie wrap for bundling objects  
D771483 Article holder  
D770886 Tubing clamp  
D769706 Seismic separation clip for suspended ceiling grid systems  
D769111 Clip  
D769110 Clamp for securing a ladder to fascia  
D767983 Beam clamp  
D767383 Multi purpose portable clamp  
D766711 Clip  
D766712 Beach chair strap  
D766075 Mirror clamp  
D763672 Ratcheting removable swivel clip post  
D763674 Wire gripper  
D763671 Strap clamp  
D762110 Bar clamp  
D761097 Magnet grabber  
D761099 Bracket for fixing a sprinkler  
D761098 Suction cup grabber  
D758176 Drawstring retainer  
D757532 Water meter clip  
D757531 Ceiling tile receiver kit  
D757530 Universal clamp with slidable clamp portion and holder  
D756763 Rail clamp with plastic snap  
D757215 Marking piece for paint spray gun  
D755043 Wire retainer  
D753989 Bag clamp  
D752965 Tethered clip  
D751889 Multi-function holder