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D790296 Basin for liquid collection and distribution  
D790295 Operating handle  
D788550 Housing for steam emitting weed killer  
D787283 Shrub cover  
D786633 Basin for liquid collection and distribution  
D784780 Silicone grip for garden tools  
D783374 Silicone grip for garden tools  
D783373 Felling lever  
D783372 Tying ball  
D781115 Dripper  
D779897 Self-watering planter  
D776994 Water globe  
D775518 Tie for plant  
D773907 Sifter device with strap  
D770248 Hand held rock picker  
D769085 Root barrier  
D768809 Container for water and oxygenated misting  
D767349 Ash sifting shovel  
D762430 Garden tool  
D753967 Landscape edging unit kit  
D751872 Tool support stand  
D751355 Pruning tarp  
D750942 Tomato stake  
D749140 Tiller head  
D747940 Polinating tool  
D747939 Soil probe  
D747633 Anchor  
D744302 Sifting implement  
D742705 Portable material separator  
D742929 Tiller head  
D742187 Drill tie stake  
D742186 Vineyard stake  
D741669 Handle for a garden tool  
D740087 Turf shade ground stake  
D739692 Poly stake  
D735541 Aquatic conservation cage  
D734998 Garden stick  
D734999 Agricultural produce nest  
D732357 Landscaping timber with surfacing guide  
D731867 Stake  
D731266 Device for expanded cell confinement structure  
D731265 Modular shock-absorbing gardening tool kit  
D727694 Fruit-catching net  
D726514 Flower stem cutter  
D725976 Tree root ball container  
D724396 Garden planter box  
D724397 Planter triple reservoir  
D723884 Planter circle reservoir  
D721931 Soil setting gardening implement  
D721550 Vine puller