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D760024 Range and/or components thereof  
D760011 Popcorn popper  
D760019 Griddle  
D760025 Drive unit for a blender  
D760039 Grate spatula  
D760026 Blender container  
D760036 Package  
D760037 Cutting tray with cover (modula dome)  
D760022 Base portion of an electric kettle  
D760010 Coffee maker  
D760018 Griddle  
D760038 Sifter apparatus  
D760041 Peeler  
D760016 Grill  
D760013 Hot and cold food storage cabinet  
D760017 Deep fryer with warming tray  
D760027 Squeeze bottle  
D760031 Plate  
D760008 Beverage machine  
D760014 Grill with illuminated region  
D760033 Three tier spice rack  
D760040 Eggshell cutter  
D760007 Beverage shaker bottle  
D760028 Goblet  
D760030 Pedestal bowl  
D760020 Food station  
D760035 Food storage container  
D760029 Beverage container  
D760012 Barbecue grill  
D760032 Beverage cartridge holder  
D760021 Beverageware handle  
D760023 Grill  
D760015 Grill  
D760009 Coffee machine  
D760034 Light-storage cup holder  
D759416 Coffee maker  
D759435 Flatware riser  
D759441 Food tong  
D759430 Stirring spoon  
D759436 Multifunctional grater  
D759442 Index cutting boards  
D759438 Herb grinding device  
D759439 Condiment mill  
D759422 Shaped cooking vessel  
D759427 Container seal with tabs  
D759426 Cook processor lid  
D759433 Drinkware  
D759437 Dispenser for condiments  
D759428 Glass and cooling or warming sphere  
D759423 Food waste disposer