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D727670 Wine decanter  
D727690 Fork  
D727684 Beverage cup  
D727693 Cup holder with straps  
D727686 Drinking glass  
D727685 Bottle  
D727688 Beverage container accessory  
D727689 Drink holder  
D727681 Lid assembly for a drinking vessel  
D727691 Spoon  
D727687 Bottle basket of a decanting cradle  
D727683 Combined cup and saucer  
D727678 Deep fry cooker  
D727671 Beverage container  
D727673 Dispenser  
D727677 Stove  
D727675 Electric kettle  
D727674 Beverage machine  
D727679 Culinary ware handle  
D727692 Coring tool  
D727682 Beverage infuser  
D727676 Cooking stove  
D727672 Cover for a beverage dispensing container  
D727680 Bottle  
D727085 Electric kettle  
D727086 Cooking stove  
D727105 Water bottle  
D727087 Food steamer  
D727088 Ice crusher  
D727089 Food waste disposer stopper  
D727090 Device for stabilizing an object  
D727113 Sleeve for a drink container  
D727100 Shot glass  
D727091 Folding silicone splatter screen  
D727094 Tray for microwave oven  
D727096 Hand blender base  
D727093 Beverageware lid with elastomeric ring  
D727097 Container system  
D727084 Brewer  
D727107 Clip on shot glass  
D727112 Clipped container  
D727110 Clipped condiment container  
D727103 Decorative stemware glass  
D727102 Beverage container  
D727098 Container  
D727104 Water bottle  
D727083 Brewer  
D727111 Clipped condiment container  
D727109 Combined bottle stand and bottles  
D727081 Container