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8697768 Energy curable overprint varnish and coated product  
An energy curable coating composition is provided for use as an overprint varnish on cellulosic, polymeric and metal substrates. The coating composition includes an epoxy acrylate, a triacrylate,...
D699997 Drinking straw with bamboo appearance  
D699999 Table top grill  
D700002 Healthy loaf pan  
D700007 Coffee grinder  
D700023 Chopping board  
D699996 Food shaker and blender  
D700005 Bread slice-shaped frying pan  
D700003 Baking sheet  
D700011 Container lid  
D700019 Mushroom container  
D700010 Container lid  
D700014 Water bottle and filter assembly  
D700016 Tray set  
D699998 Beverage-making pot  
RE44770 Outdoor grill  
D700025 Chopping board  
D700020 Tray caddy  
D700021 Feeding utensil for mammals  
D700008 Device for making whipped cream  
D700022 Food utensils  
D700004 Poultry roaster  
D700013 Blender blades  
D700015 Bottle  
D700018 Bullet shaped vacuum bottle  
D700024 Chopping board  
D700006 Coffee grinder  
D700017 Hoop carousel  
D700001 Induction wok top  
D700012 Lid for beverage container  
D700009 Electric grater-mincer with graters  
D699514 Multi-functional food preparation platform  
D699521 Juice extractor  
D699513 Barbeque burner  
D699520 Cup holder for winch  
D699517 Multi-compartment food preparation container  
D699519 Insulated beverage holder  
D699504 Multi-compartment microwave oven  
D699508 Electric grater-mincer  
D699525 Spatula  
D699515 Body for a juicer  
D699511 Elongated side handle for cookware  
D699506 Roast pan  
D699505 Microwave cooking tray  
D699507 Culinary tool ram  
D699498 Urn for dispensing beverages  
D699501 Dispenser  
D699510 Cookware side handle  
D699503 Range and/or components thereof  
D699500 Manually operated espresso coffee maker