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D732885 Lid underside  
D732897 Compartmented dinner service and utensil tray  
D732910 Ladle  
D732893 Beverage container  
D732895 Insulated tumbler  
D732898 Serving tub  
D732876 Baking sheet  
D732896 Dish  
D732884 Lid underside  
D732900 Ergonomic device for chopsticks  
D732892 Water bottle  
D732904 Cocktail strainer  
D732878 Universal dripless pan lid  
D732872 Countertop beverage dispenser  
D732903 Cocktail strainer  
D732908 Roller board housing  
D732905 Cocktail strainer  
D732891 Multi functional moated food bowl  
D732880 Lid  
D732886 Cover for a microwave container  
D732909 Skimmer  
D732901 Knife  
D732889 Beverage container  
D732902 Spoon  
D732881 Lid  
D732888 Utensil handle  
D732887 Side-handle for cookware  
D732873 Microwave taco shell with closed ends  
D732877 Pizza pan  
D732906 Brew funnel drip cup  
D732907 Test tool array  
D732882 Lid underside  
D732890 Gas diffusion apparatus  
D732874 Barbecue grill  
D732871 Drinking straw  
D732899 Insulating device  
D732964 Container and lid assembly  
D732875 Microwave oven  
D732894 Beverage stein  
D732870 Beverage consumption straw  
D732883 Lid  
D732879 Partially transparent lid for a cooking device  
D732334 Combined outdoor grill and smoker  
D732342 Cup  
D732335 Cooking pan  
D732339 Container system  
D732328 Dispenser  
D732349 Insulating device  
D732350 Insulating device  
D732333 Pizza box oven