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D790292 Food mill  
D790289 Knife  
D790277 Combined cup and bottle opener  
D790278 Container  
D790285 Bottle  
D790348 Bottle  
D790291 Strainer  
D790284 Combination ice cooler and fishing caddy  
D790290 Knife  
D790293 Pizza stone lifter  
D790272 Travel mug lid  
D790280 Vessel  
D790281 Dip bowl  
D790270 Grill cart  
D790273 Control region for a cooking appliance  
D790271 Handle  
D790288 Knife  
D790286 Combination wine stand and corkscrew  
D790282 Football flask  
D790283 Ice chest tray  
D790274 Burner  
D790287 Knife  
D790294 Two sided chopping board  
D790279 Water bottle  
D790275 Blade  
D790276 Drinking container  
D789731 Oven  
D789740 Oven control panel  
D789727 Water container with lid and funnel  
D789737 Beverage container lid  
D789726 Jug  
D789742 Stomper for food grinder  
D789743 Tumbler  
D789730 Electric fryer  
D789733 Cooking pan for use in heating cookers  
D789748 Football-shaped container  
D789753 Insulated beverage container  
D789736 Appliance base  
D789756 Holder for wine bottle and glass  
D789735 Appliance base  
D789750 Multi-tier drawer organizer  
D789738 Bottom for a pot  
D789734 Water bottle diffuser tool  
D789754 Drink holder  
D789746 Goblet-shaped wine decanter  
D790131 Electric heating plate  
D789744 Serving glass  
D789728 Multi-function grill machine  
D789747 Faceted glassware  
D789755 Turkey leg storage container