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D711682 Metal bodied chopper  
D711690 Beverage holder  
D711684 Handle for mug  
D711679 Portable food vessel  
D711685 Handle for cooking untensil  
D711687 Barbecue grill hood  
D711693 Knife  
D711695 Press for food  
D711678 Pizza pan  
D711694 Dual citrus reamer  
D711676 Culinary ware  
D711683 Trivet  
D711692 Knife block  
D711681 Heated dip serving tray  
D711680 Meatball baking pan  
D711691 Cutlery tray  
D711689 Can cover  
D711696 Combined spoon tongs  
D711686 Cake knife handle  
D711677 Reservoir  
D711697 Tongs  
D711688 Blender control panel  
8807610 Garnish pick  
A garnish pick for food and/or beverages is disclosed. In at least some embodiments, the garnish pick includes a plurality of appendages that form skewering shafts for skewering garnishes. In at...
D711188 Pot handle  
D711199 Spatula with scoop edge  
D711183 Water basin for cooking  
D711186 Grill  
D711181 Kitchen utensil  
D711182 Pressure cooker  
D711179 Beverage dispenser  
D711189 Dispenser for pourable materials  
D711184 Grill pan  
D711194 Tumbler  
D711193 Fire block  
D711220 Transparent side dish container with red tinted base  
D711191 Microwaveable trivet  
D711196 Drawer store  
D711192 Beverage mixing device  
D711500 Filter for a machine for preparing drinks  
D711180 Carafe  
D711198 Fruit cutter  
D711187 Barbeque tool handle  
D711178 Dispenser  
D711195 Collection container with handle  
D711190 Coffee filter basket tray  
D711185 Grill pan  
D711200 Spoon  
D711197 Device to break dried pasta  
D710642 Dispenser  
D710696 Food container cover