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D741668 Utensil  
D741656 Bottle  
D741640 Food pan  
D741660 Divided bowl  
D741641 Mixing station  
D741659 Drinking vessel  
D741646 Tap handle  
D741655 Water bottle  
D741651 Waffle maker  
D741644 Tap handle  
D741643 Utensil handle  
D741647 Tea infuser with handle  
D741648 Infuser basket  
D741645 In-bottle wine aerator  
D741654 Taco holder  
D741638 Beverage dispenser  
D741657 Beverage container  
D741653 Pusher for blender  
D741652 Interface of an electric food processor  
D741637 Blending container  
D741642 Cover for liquid dispenser  
D741665 Container  
D741661 Tote for a slow cooker  
D741650 Food support rack  
D741666 Spoon  
D741664 Container  
D741639 Microwave oven  
D741667 Condiment mill  
D741658 Container  
D741662 Beverage thermal insulator  
D741708 Container  
D741663 Beverage sleeve  
D741649 Microwave oven  
D741104 Oven  
D741119 Juicer  
D741120 Food serving station  
D741114 Container  
D741118 Utensil  
D741103 Cooktop  
D741102 Portable warming device for hot beverage containers  
D741110 Ergonomic drinking vessel  
D741171 Container  
D741105 Collapsible scooping tray  
D741460 Fluid distributor  
D741101 Apparatus for preparing hot beverages  
D741116 Utensil  
D741106 Dough divider-rounder  
D741111 Seafood platter  
D741172 Simulative drinking bottle top  
D741117 Spoon