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D749887 Grill  
D749901 Handle for home appliance  
D749892 Coffee grinder and measurer  
D749899 Rotisserie assembly  
D749903 Oven  
D749885 Micro kettle  
D749884 Beverage flask  
D749919 Combined dipper, spoon, and spreader  
D749917 Slicing tool  
D749897 Detachable baby bottle pacifier  
D749891 Culinary ware  
D749909 Party plate  
D749918 Culinary tool  
D749912 Sport cooler  
RE45892 Container pull handle  
D749896 Cookware lid  
D749914 Food container  
D749902 Handle for home appliance  
D749898 Handle  
D749956 Fluid container  
D749906 Cooking pan for heating  
D749886 See-through toaster  
D749908 Food plate  
D749911 Sport cooler  
D749900 Rotisserie basket  
D749920 Peeler  
D749888 Pizza ring  
D749893 Blender  
D749910 Bowl  
D749890 Baking die  
D749895 Protective microwave covers  
D749907 Drinking glass  
D749889 Pizza ring  
D749913 Assistive pouring device for people with arthritis and others  
D749916 Knife  
D749915 Cutlery  
D749894 Container lid  
D749904 Integrated grate and circular pizza oven burner  
D749905 Angled grill pattern  
D749367 Bowl  
D749349 Toaster  
D749352 Device for making instant jelly  
D749348 Toaster  
D749368 Jar  
D749375 Ball whisk  
D749379 Food cutter  
D749371 Bowl  
D749362 Nested mixing bowls  
D749365 Beverage vessel  
D749378 Spatula head with partial silicone end