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D754465 Electric range  
D754489 Utensil holder  
D754466 Square pan with arched handle  
D754491 Silverware caddy  
D754469 Splatter shield  
D754496 Baseball bat barbeque fork  
D754486 Bottle caddy  
D754484 Beverageware  
D754492 Adaptable assistance tool appliance  
D754490 Utensil holder  
D754472 Knob for cooking utensils and apparatus  
D754477 Beaker accessory for hand blender  
D754482 Drinking glass  
D754468 Disposable splatter shield  
D754473 Decoration for household appliance  
D754493 Silicone spoon  
D754475 Stowed portable grill  
D754495 Colander  
D754504 Pair of food scissors  
D754480 Drinking cup  
D754479 Foldable paper cup  
D754494 Colander  
D754483 Beverage container  
D754471 Lid  
D754485 Beverageware  
D754470 Cover for a drinking glass  
D754478 Timer glass  
D754476 Appliance  
D754474 Valve for dispensing beverages  
D754497 Beverage carrier  
D754467 Griddle  
D754488 Small powder dispenser  
D754487 Powder dispenser  
D754481 Wine glass  
D753963 Meat tenderizer  
D754001 Spray can holder  
D753956 Barbecue grill lid  
D753965 Slotted spoon  
D753955 Coffee filter holder  
D753953 Beverage treatment wand  
D753948 Coffee carafe  
D753954 Coffee filter  
D753949 Lid  
D753950 Silicone cup lid  
D753952 Beverage treatment device  
D753961 Set of arched flatware eating utensils  
D753958 Cup sleeve  
D753966 Dough cutter  
D753959 Extending antler cup sleeve  
D753960 Gum holder