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D703495 Spatula  
D703486 Buildable dinnerware  
D703537 Nestable shallow container  
D703478 Pizza stone  
D703494 Egg separator  
D703481 Cordless hand blender  
D703700 Cooler  
D703492 Insulated container sleeve  
D703488 Water bottle warning triangle  
D703477 Liquid dispensing apparatus  
D703484 Burner grate  
D703701 Cooler  
D703490 Cup  
D703476 Domestic soda-water preparing device  
D703479 Milk frother  
D703703 Cooler  
D703702 Cooler  
8708186 Box for storing, protecting, and transporting containers  
The present invention relates to a box (10) for storing, transporting, and protecting vertically suspended containers with an upper opening (11), a rectangular bottom (12), lower side walls (13)...
D703489 Drinking glass with ball embedded in base  
D703482 Nozzle  
D703491 Bread basket  
D703493 Container  
D703483 Cake knife handle  
D703480 Hand mixer  
D703485 Cooking tray  
D703487 Bottle  
D703001 Egg compartment dish  
D703002 Drawer for holding beverage cartridges  
D703006 Rack for food  
D702990 Stewpot  
D702982 Food dispensing tower  
D702987 Cooking grill  
D702994 Trivet  
D702985 Beverage dispenser  
D703003 Drawer for holding beverage cartridges  
8703270 Napkin  
A napkin having a basic quadratic shape. Two or three slits are provided that are disposed parallel to one another. The slits are spaced from at least one outer edge of the napkin, and each slit...
D702984 Beverage machine  
D702988 Home appliance  
D703009 Drink cooler  
D702989 Cooking appliance  
D702999 Blender container  
D702992 Compact chopper  
D702995 Handle for cookware  
D702997 Egg pan insert  
D703010 Funnel  
D702993 Food processor  
D702986 Barbecue grill  
D703004 Drawer for holding beverage cup  
D702998 Food holder  
D703007 Cooler device for personal watercrafts