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D783346 Beer tap handle  
D783352 Fry basket  
D783340 Appliance base  
D782882 Base for a container  
D782875 Tumbler with straw  
D782867 Blender  
D782870 Microwave oven  
D782878 Glass  
D782883 Snack cup  
D782863 Gas cook top  
D782886 Wine rack  
D782881 Bottle  
D782869 Cooktop user interface  
D782866 Blender  
D782877 Bottle  
D782865 Blender  
D782885 Food slicer  
D782880 Beverage bottle  
D782879 Pan holder  
D782874 Shaker cup mixing ball  
D782868 Coffee pot holder  
D783209 Telescopic pet food funnel with handle  
D782862 Cold brew coffee maker  
D782873 Radiant cooktop  
D782872 Gas oven range  
D782876 Communion cup  
D782884 Spoon  
D782864 Countertop oven  
D782871 Range and/or components thereof  
D782256 Kitchen utensil  
D782244 Food processing apparatus  
D782253 Dual chamber food jar  
D782249 Multiple purpose plate  
D782252 Snack cup  
D782254 Cutlery set  
D782246 Bread toaster spikes  
D782257 Peeler for fruits and vegetables  
D782251 Removable baby feeding habits monitoring device  
D782242 Water dispenser  
D782247 Cup for a juice extractor  
D782303 Cup lid  
D782255 Yogurt spoon  
D782245 Drinking container with spinner mechanism  
D782250 Granulated product dispenser  
D782248 Whistle glass  
D782243 Food chopper  
D781662 Bottle  
D781648 Oven control panel  
D781640 Cap of a bottle with a removable straw mixer  
D781637 Pizza box oven