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D784758 Electric oven range  
D784755 Disposable decorative letter shaped baking pan  
D784776 Container  
D784779 Buoyant holder  
D784765 Infuser tea cup with carry loop  
D784768 Cold water container for refrigerator  
D784772 Hopper assembly  
D784763 Magnetic sports bottle  
D784766 Bottle  
D784770 Glassware  
D784811 Container lid  
D784769 Set of trays  
D784754 Non-sticky pan  
D784760 Mixing element  
D784771 Bowl  
D784759 Solid fuel cooking device including polygonal shaped upper body  
D784756 Handle for cooking utensils and apparatus  
D784762 Two-tier server  
D784777 Colander  
D784773 Cooler liner  
D784751 Oven  
D784750 Stand for cooking device  
D784778 Food pressing weight  
D784774 Cooler  
D784753 Disposable decorative baking pan  
D784093 Dual chamber food jar  
D784084 Water bottle cap design  
D784072 Lid for a beverage container  
D784077 Grill pan  
D784085 Water bottle with extended straw  
D784076 Cooking utensil interior bottom with pattern  
D784092 Food container  
D784067 Baking sheet  
D784071 Blender  
D784080 Container  
D784062 Drinking straw  
D784094 Food pressing weight  
D784068 Oval pan  
D784066 Baking pan insert  
D784082 Infuser tea cup with straw  
D784064 Portable stove  
D784079 Container  
D784095 Food mashing device  
D784063 Tea kettle  
D784096 Cookie-dipping tongs  
D784074 Handle for a frying pan  
D784078 Beater  
D784128 Lid for an egg carton  
D784090 Beverage holder  
D784069 Electric blender