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D788529 Bottle with lid  
D788511 Electric kettle  
D788525 Kettle grill accessory  
D788547 Utensil stand  
D788546 Box wine caddy  
D788537 Food tray with wicker appearance  
D788522 Handle for home appliance  
D788510 Coffeemaker  
D788520 Electric blender  
D788521 Electric food processor with a blender bowl  
D788531 Wine glass  
D788536 Rectangular food container with wicker appearance  
D788509 Water and heating dispensing device  
D788538 Pressed palm leaf dish  
D788541 Fruit tree  
D788544 Bottle  
D788527 Blender container  
D788512 Electric oven range  
D788518 Cooking container  
D788513 Electric oven range  
D788583 Lid  
D788524 Electric range  
D788548 Potato piercing tool  
D788542 Banana holder  
D788533 Container with scallops and wicker appearance  
D788528 Two-tiered server  
D788534 Seven scallop bowl with wicker appearance  
D788535 Multi-scallop bowl with wicker appearance  
D788545 Insulated jacket for a bottle or a can  
D788517 Rice cooker  
D788540 Belt for a carrying a cooking pot and lid  
D788543 Cooler lid  
D788519 Dough divider-rounder  
D788515 Oven range  
D788523 Appliance recessed window bezel  
D788516 Electric fryer  
D787897 Rotary grater  
D787877 Grill  
D787883 Blender attachment  
D787900 Contoured flat whisk  
D787899 Deep fryer screen lifting hook  
D787901 Crab opening tool  
D787949 Water bag  
D787896 Juice extractor  
D787889 Food tray  
D787885 Bottle with lid  
D787898 Tongs  
D787874 Dispenser  
D787876 Pitcher  
D787902 Fish cutting board