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D789741 Kettle grill accessory  
D789752 Warming sleeve  
D789732 Cooking pan for use in heating cookers  
D789751 Container for cooling beverages of any kind contained in any kind of container  
D789745 Bottle  
D789757 Wine rack  
D789749 Beverage pod storage device  
D789725 Coffee carafe  
D789729 Gas oven  
D789739 Oven  
D789147 Food supporting grill grate  
D789159 Container  
D789133 Beverage dispenser  
D789161 Spoon  
D789160 Baby cutlery  
D789131 Beverage tap  
D789144 Pressure cooker control panel with surface ornamentation  
D789142 Dispenser  
D789150 Sports bottle  
D789153 Snug fitting container with finger channel  
D789151 Container with wicker appearance  
D789155 Protective beverage container sheath  
D789157 Cup holder  
D789140 Lid for beverage container  
D789135 Water pitcher  
D789162 Beverage container supporting cushion  
D789146 Sear tool  
D789143 Musical cutlery  
D789141 Frozen beverage dispenser  
D789137 Induction range  
D789145 Burner assembly with integrated heat shield  
D789134 Carafe  
D789149 Bottle with lid  
D789163 Bottle rack  
D789152 Stainless steel dip bowl  
D789138 Egg boiler  
D789158 Sleeve for beverage container  
D789136 Fluid warmer device  
D789132 Beverage press  
D789154 Wine coaster  
D789164 Display rack for wine  
D789139 Food mixer  
D789156 Tumbler sleeve  
D789148 Combined water bottle and water bowl  
D788526 Control knob for kitchen appliances  
D788532 Container  
D788514 Oven  
D788539 Bowl  
D788530 Beverage container  
D788549 Caddy for drinking vessels